Historical importance of Jalsa Salana Qadian 2005

Account of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih’saa Activities in Qadian
Maulana Muhammad Inam Ghauri, Nazir-e-Ala Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya Qadian

On 2 May 2005, Sahibzada Mirza Waseem Ahmad Sahib, Nazir-e-Ala of Qadian called for an emergency meeting with Dr Muhammad Arif Sahib, Afsar Jalsa Salana of Qadian, Muhammad Naseem Khan Sahib, Nazir Umur-e-Ama and, in the capacity of Nazir Islah-o-Irshad, this humble one. In the meeting, he gave us the good news that Mubarak Ahmad Zafar Sahib, Additional Wakil-ul-Mal, London had conveyed to us that Hazrat Amirul Momineen, Khalifatul Masih Vaa had decided to attend the Jalsa Salana Qadian of 2005 in person. After this, the scent of this good news spread all over the Indian subcontinent. Everyone started to prepare for the arrival of Huzooraa in as much as they could. People from all over the world started their “flight” to encircle this flame. The inhabitants of Qadian started to decorate their houses while streets and corners of Qadian were also beautified.  

In order to guide the management of Qadian, Huzooraa sent a Markazi delegation from Rabwah, which included Sultan Mahmood Anwar Sahib, Chaudhry Hameedullah Sahib, Sahibzada Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib and Syed Qasim Ahmad Shah Sahib. This delegation visited Qadian twice in the months preceding Jalsa Salana, once in June and July and then again in September and October. They held detailed meetings with the management of Qadian and a number of recommendations were prepared regarding all the necessary arrangements for Jalsa Salana. These recommendations were then sent to Huzoor for his guidance and ultimate approval. 

On the other hand, Munir Ahmad Javed Sahib, Private Secretary from London corresponded with Sahibzada Mirza Waseem Ahmad Sahib, Nazir-e-Aala, Qadian taking into account his recommendations and Huzoor’saa ultimate approval. A programme of Huzoor’saa activities in Qadian was dispatched to him which was scheduled in accord to the expected dates of his visit from 11 December 2005 to 17 January 2006. All praise be to God – all the affairs related to the guests of Jalsa Salana, their food and boarding, the ones that were related to the programmes of Jalsa Salana and the speeches held therein, as well as all the matters related to the speeches delivered by Huzooraa, the live transmission of all the programmes of Qadian Jalsa and the affairs related to the activities of Huzooraa while he was to be in Qadian were taken care of in the best possible manner by the grace of God Almighty. 

This was a unique Jalsa which was being held after the partition of the Indian subcontinent and it held a unique importance in the history of Qadian as well. Hence, seventy thousand people from all over India and Pakistan and people from 45 other countries of the world converged around the illuminated glow of Khilafat. This proved that Hazrat Musleh-e-Maudra was indeed correct when he said:

ہوتى نہ اگر روشن وہ شمع رخ انور

كیوں جمع یہاں ہوتے سب دنیا كے پروانے

“Had not this illuminated flame been so bright;

Moths from all over the world would not have gathered around it.”

It is notable to mention here the services rendered by Munir Ahmad Javed Sahib, Private Secretary and his staff, the services of Major Mahmood Sahib, then head of security and his staff, the services of then Chairman MTA, London and under him Munir Odeh Sahib and his staff. They all managed the blessed schedule of Huzoor’s activites, the video recordings of the Jalsa programmes, the addresses and speeches and their live transmissions, which were all quite historic indeed and they fall under the Quranic verse:

تَعَاوَنُوْ عَلَى الْبِرِّ وَالتَّقْوىٰ

“Help one another in righteousness and piety.” (Surah al-Maidha, Ch.5: V.3) and therefore they shall never be forgotten. May the Almighty God give them the greatest rewards for their efforts. 

Furthermore, in cooperation with Nazarat Khidmat-e-Darweshan, Rabwah, various volunteers had been gathered from all around Rabwah and various other areas of Pakistan to serve in the management of various programmes in Jalsa Salana Qadian, making exemplary efforts day and night, selflessly and away from the eyes of the people. Their efforts may have been veiled from the eyes of most people, but they were seen by the eyes of the Almighty God, and the ultimate successful results emanate the scent of the sacrifices made during these efforts.


The year 1905 holds a unique importance in the history of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya as the Promised Messiahas, with the blessings of Almighty God, initiated the system of Al-Wasiyyat and laid the foundations of the Bahishti Maqbara, Qadian. The main goal of this system was that a community of pious and righteous people be created who would give preference to religion and faith over the materialistic world. The love of worldly matters would be utterly repulsive to them, so much so that they would completely turn towards the Almighty God and would show great examples of truth and loyalty as the companions of the Holy Prophetsa had done before them. So, to this end, a community of pious and righteous people was established at the hand of the Imam Mahdias and now, day after day, the number of these loyal followers is growing and their religious prowess is increasing as well. 

It so happened that in the year 2005, 100 years had passed since the inception of this heavenly system and thus, the year 2005 therefore attained a unique importance in history.

Another beautiful coincidence is that the institution of Khilafat was established in 1908 which, according to the lunar calendar, equates to 1326 and in 2005 it was 1426 according to the lunar calendar. Thus, a full century of lunar years had been completed. 

Therefore keeping in mind these two historic occurrences, the arrival of Khalifatul Masih V, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmadaa in Qadian seemed like a special divine decree that was destined by God Almighty. 

Regarding this special occasion, Hazrat Amirul Momineen, Khalifatul Masih Vaa, during his inaugural address of Jalsa Salana Qadian, said: 

“Last year, somebody wrote to me that in the year 2005, 100 years will be completed since the establishment of the institution of Khilafat according to the Lunar calendar, so therefore today, apart from 100 years being completed since the establishment of Al-Wasiyyat according to the lunar years, we would also witness the centenary of Khilafat. I believe that the Promised Messiahas was shown great succour by God Almight through this sign, that even though I was not thinking about this when I was planning to come here and despite the conditions that cannot be called favourable, Allah created such circumstances that the Khalifa of the time can be present, at this moment, in this place when these two centenaries are being completed – the place where the institution of Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya first started. May Allah make it so that whereas the financial system of the world benefits from the institution of Wasiyyat, where it establishes the rights of the poor, the orphans and the widows and where the people give dues to others only for the sake of the Almighty God, where they establish a great station in prostrating before God, each of us should firmly establish the fear of God Almighty and become a personification of this glad tiding of the Promised Messiahas: ‘When I go, God will send another manifestation for you that will be established for you forever.’ Thus, O lush green branches of the Messiah of Muhammad, be happy that the Almighty God has guaranteed an illuminated and bright future for you. Therefore, be steadfast on righteousness, see the blessings of God and forever become the verdant and fruit bearing branches of the tree of the Promised Messiahas.” 


In this regard, another important faith-inspiring incident is that a hundred years ago, the Promised Messiahas was vouchsafed with this divine revelation: “I shall cause thy message to reach the corners of the earth.” It was fulfilled in a new light in Qadian, from where the live transmission and broadcast of Jalsa Salana Qadian was carried out. Thus, from the blessed village of Qadian, the voice of the Promised Messiah’sKhalifa was transmitted to the ends of the earth at the same time.

Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa, during his stay that lasted over a month, held meetings with the national amilas of Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Majlis Ansarullah and Lajna Imaillah. Moreover, various classes of Waqifeen-e-Nau and Waqifaat-e-Nau of India were held. Huzooraa met with the teachers and students of Jamia Ahmadiyya and Jamiat-ul-Mubashirin and blessed them with guidance. Huzooraa also met with missionaries of India and blessed them with guidance as well. Similarly, Huzooraa also met with staff of Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya, Tahrik-e-Jadid Anjuman Ahmadiyya and Anjuman Ahmadiyya Waqf-e-Jadid and pointed out their responsibilities and blessed them with precious guidance. May Allah grant all members of these organisations, as well as all the office-holders in all departments and other members to act upon the guidance of Huzooraa.

People who had arrived from far and near, all were seeking the same thing that they may somehow be granted access to a personal meeting with Huzooraa. Despite the time constraints and large number of people, Huzooraa allowed those who had arrived with their families to have personal meetings with him. Similarly, thousands upon thousands of people were also given the opportunity to individually meet Huzooraa who were blessed with shaking his hand and granted gifts as they took pictures as well. The refreshed and enlightened faces of those who came out of that meeting room showed visible signs of delight and ecstasy. 

Apart from the members of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya, external guests also had the opportunity to meet Huzooraa. The beautiful personality of Huzooraa had a great impact on them. When the flow of guests from outside of Qadian came to a halt, then came the opportunity of the residents of Qadian to meet Huzooraa. They were blessed with the opportunity to individually meet Huzooraa with their families. Huzoor showed great love and compassion by visiting almost every home of Ahmadi residents of Qadian, asking about their wellbeing, blessing them with prayers and giving them the chance to have pictures. 

After all the hectic engagements of the day, when staff came to know that Huzooraa had examined and given necessary directions on the local and foreign mail, they were awestruck with the question of how it was possible for Huzooraa to check all the files. It so happened that on 15 January, when Huzooraa departed for his journey back from Qadian to Delhi in the afternoon, he had already examined and given necessary directions on many letters and official papers since morning. May Allah bless our Imam with a long and healthy life!

A detailed account of the blessed happenings of Huzoor’s tour of India in 2005 has been recorded by Abdul Majid Tahir Sahib, Additional Wakil-ul-Tabshir, London in his personally compiled report which has been published. 

Thus, a period of around five weeks passed by like a pleasant dream. Although it was bitterly cold, but everyone’s body was filled with warmth and souls were in a state of pleasure. The condition of the residents of Qadian, at the time of Huzoor’saa departure cannot be expressed in words, as there were sights of women and children who were crying their hearts out. As Huzoor’s entourage crossed the Ahmadiyya Ground and reached the Harchowal Road, men, women, boys and girls, filled with extreme love, ran towards it, where, yet again, they had the blessed opportunity to have a glimpse of their beloved Imam and to bid him farewell. 

Sahibzada Mirza Waseem Ahmad Sahib, Nazir-e-Ala and Amir-e-Muqami of Qadian, left for Delhi to bid Huzooraa farewell. While on the train, on the night of the departure, he enquired about the condition of the residents of Qadian. My impetuous reply was that the condition was such as if a tyre had gone flat. There is not a shadow of doubt that every one of us was going through this exact same condition. 

We pray to God Almighty in the end that He may bestow upon us the power to bring our faculties in action with the same passion of obedience, as was displayed in the presence of Huzooraa.

(Translated by Al Hakam)

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