How can one establish a relationship with Allah?


[During a virtual mulaqat of Canadian Atfal with Huzooraa on 15 August 2020] a tifl asked Huzooraa how to establish a relationship with Allah the Exalted. 

Huzooraa gave the following reply:

“Allah the Exalted has stated that He has created us for His worship. He says, ‘Worship me, do not associate partners with Me, obey My commandments and act upon the teachings which My prophets bring to you. Then, you will gain my nearness.’ 

“If you want to befriend someone in this world, then you listen to what your friend says, right? You listen to him and then he becomes your friend. Is it not so? If you both are friends but your friend does not listen to you and you don’t listen to him either, then you won’t remain friends. 

“So that is what Allah the Exalted says. He says, ‘You should become My friend. You should obey me and then I will listen to your prayers.’ And in this way, you can establish a relationship with Him.”

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