How does Huzoor (aa) overcome difficulties?


A member of Lajna Imaillah said, “Huzoor, previously when you were in Africa, the conditions over there at the time were not as they are today. At that time, you would have had to face many difficulties in your work. Huzoor, my question is whether you could kindly share one of your experiences of your time in Africa?” 

Huzooraa replied: 

“The thing is that […] one has to always face difficulties. Indeed, there were difficult circumstances in those days. At present, the situation is much better. 

“The intention was to work and to strive to fulfil the purpose of being sent there. One always has to face difficulties, but these difficulties should not become a hindrance in your religious endeavours. Thus, my wife and I tried our level best to continue our work without any hindrances. 

“During such difficult times, women should support their husbands and the husbands should also take care of their wives. And the work of the faith should also continue. 

“When you work and have complete trust in Allah, then Allah the Exalted makes a way for you to deal with the circumstances no matter how difficult. Alongside the efforts, one should continue to pray and then Allah the Exalted bestows His blessings. It was a simple formula of working hard and praying. As a result, Allah the Exalted provides the solutions. One should not be perturbed by anything.” 

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