How should Muslims react to Quran burning?


The virtual mulaqat of the national amila of Sweden with Huzoor-e-Anwaraa was held on 29 August 2020. While condemning the burning of a copy of the Holy Quran by an anti-Islam group in Sweden, which took place a day before, Huzooraa reflected on the reasons behind it and gave guidance on how an Ahmadi Muslim ought to react to it. Huzooraa said: 

“I heard that some riots took place there last night. Did this have any impact on your town or area?” 

Upon the reply of Amir Sahib Sweden, that the riots had taken place overnight and that the situation had improved by the grace of Allah the Exalted, Huzooraa said: 

“You must remove these misconceptions about Islam. Although, the police did not allow the person, who came forward and declared that he would burn the Quran, to do so, they still gave him the right to appeal against the decision, and some of his followers or members of his group went ahead and burned the Quran in a park last night. 

“The reason why this is happening is that they do not know the true teaching of Islam and the Holy Quran. Moreover, due to the actions of some terrorists amongst the Muslims, these people get the impression that this might actually be written in the Quran. They try to grab on to one verse that instructs the believers to do “qitaal” or to fight, whereas they overlook the rest of the verses which explain the circumstances or context enabling this permission. 

“So, these people should be made aware of these teachings, and you should make your plans to propagate the true teachings in accordance with this.” 

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