How to do tabligh & preaching during the coronavirus pandemic?


During the [virtual mulaqat of the national amila of Sweden with Huzoor-e-Anwara, held on 29 August 2020,] on the question of how to do tabligh under the current situation of the world due to the coronavirus, Huzooraa said:  

“Many avenues of online tabligh have opened up through WhatsApp and other social media platforms. Try to identify the questions and the issues that are concerning people and are being raised. 

“There are various websites which you should use to tell people that they should be more inclined towards God in these circumstances. They should come closer to God and try to recognise Him instead of adopting atheism, forsaking God Almighty and developing the impression that God Almighty did not exist nor answered prayers and everything around us in the material world was the only reality. 

“You must be inclined towards God if you wish to save the world because another crisis will arise in the aftermath of the current crises with the gradual shattering of the economy and that is the crisis in which people will try to seize the assets and wealth of other nations, which will lead to wars for which blocs are formed, and have started to form already. 

“So, the only way to save yourself from this is to come towards God and to understand your responsibilities. At the end of the day, the world is still communicating through whatever means are available through the media. So, you should also use that same media and the same modes of communication and means applied by the people in this world. 

“I have spoken about various important matters and believe that you should look to act upon the things that have been discussed already. The things that I have mentioned to the national amila also apply to the relevant secretaries from the different majalis. They should bear these things in mind and act accordingly. They should devise their policy accordingly and work in line with that. 

“If these activities take place at a grassroots level and if all the various departmental secretaries understand their roles and implement their duties, then the work of the national amila will become easier, and you will also start fulfilling the purpose of you being appointed an office-bearer, and this is how you also become a helper to the Khalifa of the time, and you also serve the Jamaat in the correct spirit. And this is how your service is accepted in the eyes of God. 

“However, if you only want to clutch on to the title of an office-bearer and not do any work with that title in hand whilst setting a wrong example, not giving importance to prayers and not cooperating with each other and other departments and auxiliaries of the Jamaat, then such positions are useless and such organisation is futile. 

“You may deceive me and the system of the Jamaat, but you cannot deceive God Almighty. Therefore always bear in mind throughout all of your actions and discourses that God Almighty is listening and watching over everything we say and do. Therefore, we must do everything for the sake of Allah alone and we should apply all our skills and potential for this cause so that we may become an important pillar of the Jamaat and we can serve the Jamaat in the best way possible. May Allah the Almighty be your Protector and Strength.” 

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