How to preach to people who claim to be Muslims, yet they have no link to Islam?


[During a virtual mulaqat of the missionaries of Bangladesh with Huzooraa on 8 November 2020, a] missionary asked Huzooraa how to preach to people who claim to be Muslims, yet they have no link to Islam.

Huzooraa answered this with the following:

“You should tell them that irrespective of whether they accept the message of Ahmadiyyat or not, they still claim to be Muslims and it is the commandment of Allah and His Messengersa that they should be able to recite the Holy Quran which Allah the Exalted has revealed to us and they should learn how to offer the five daily prayers; they should believe in the pillars of Islam and also act upon them.

“Explain to them that they are Muslims, therefore their belief in the Messengersa of Allah can only be complete when they act in accordance with his sunnah. Tell them how to read the Holy Quran, which is the Shariah that Allah the Exalted has revealed. If they do not know how to recite the Holy Quran and they need to learn it, then you should tell them that we are ready to teach you. Furthermore, teach them what Allah and His Messengersa have said and also teach them how to read the Holy Quran.

“At this stage, there is no need to ask them to become an Ahmadi first because when they learn about the teachings of Islam, they will themselves take the next step. They will say that their own clerics were not teaching them anything, but rather you are the ones who are teaching us. So, they will want to know more about us. Thus, in this way, your interaction with them will begin and further avenues of tabligh will also open. You should pray also for them. It was prophesied regarding this very era that only the name of Islam would be left.

رہا دین باقی نہ اسلام باقی
اک اسلام کا رہ گیا نام باقی

‘What remains is neither faith, nor Islam; What remains is just the name of Islam.’

“It was for this very reason that the advent of the Promised Messiahas and Mahdi took place in order to once again bring people closer to Allah the Exalted and to draw their attention towards fulfilling the rights of each other.

“People have forgotten these fundamental principles and this is the reason for the advent of the Promised Messiahas in this very age. This is the very mission of the Promised Messiahas and also the duty of those who follow the Promised Messiahas. It is also the duty of those who have undertaken a deep study of the Faith and have devoted themselves to the service of Islam in order to spread the message and to morally train others. This relates to all of you. Therefore, convey to them the teachings and message of Islam and explain to them what true faith is.

“This is in exact accordance with the prophecy of the Holy Prophetsa in relation to the signs of the era in which the advent of the Promised Messiahas was to take place, in which the Holy Prophetsa stated that people would only bear the title of being a Muslim but would have completely disregarded its teachings. They verbally proclaim, ‘There is no God except Allah …’ however, they have no understanding of what it truly means. They proclaim, “… and Muhammadsa is the Messenger of Allah”; however, they have no knowledge of the blessed example and character of the Messengersa of Allah.

“Thus, it is our duty to inform people of this. And for this, we will need to make a concerted effort. We will first need to explain to them about the teachings of Islam and then they will automatically learn about Ahmadiyyat. Therefore, if they have forgotten the teachings of their faith and Islam remains merely a title for them, then this in fact is fulfilling what Allah the Exalted and His Messengersa had foretold.

“These people simply follow their religious clerics, who teach them nothing but to cause harm to the Ahmadis by injuring them, taking their lives, destroying their mosques and damaging their properties. This is all they can do; what else do they have? However, in response, we ought to explain to them with love and affection. This is what Allah the Exalted has taught us that if we act with love and affection, then they will become like our best friends.”

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