How to resolve the lack of talent in doing tabligh?


[A virtual mulaqat of Lajna members of the Netherlands with Huzooraa was held on 22 August 2020.] During the… mulaqat, Huzooraa was informed that there were very few Lajna members who could write independently. Huzooraa was asked what they should do in this regard. Huzooraa said: 

“Even if such members are few, you should guide them and they will get better. Once a team of two, four, six, eight or however many Lajna members there are, is trained, then others will also be inspired by them and will follow suit. It is not the question of whether there are a few members or many. Even if there is one hard-working person, she can bring about a revolution. So, when you begin to give answers, people will automatically come to you for answers, which will allow you to provide more answers and insight. This will also serve as an encouragement to others to be a part of this and to be able to provide answers. 

“There is always an incentive behind the desire to achieve something or to persuade someone to do something. When the names of a few Lajna members come up in newspapers, then others will be also encouraged to have their names in newspapers and to try to write something. Then the number of Lajna members will gradually increase.” 

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