How was Huzoor’s experience as a prisoner in the way of Allah (aseer-e-rah-e-Maula)?


[During a virtual mulaqat of the missionaries of Bangladesh with Huzooraa on 8 November 2020, a] missionary asked Huzooraa in the same mulaqat about his experience as a prisoner in the way of God Almighty (aseer-e-rah-e-Maula).

Huzooraa replied with the following:

“What can I tell you? I did not even realise how quickly my days had passed during my time in prison in the way of God. All I could witness were the blessings of Allah.

“It was summertime and Allah the Exalted would cause the heat to turn into a cool breeze. We remained in jail behind bars, without any kind of feelings of worry or stress. In my heart, I knew that the penalty for the [false] charges that had been brought against me was either life imprisonment or the death penalty – I was going to receive one of the two. So, I decided that it was Allah alone Who I was going to seek help from and to win His pleasure.

“I thought that if I was going to be handed punishment for the sake of the Jamaat, then this would be a great blessing indeed. However, Allah the Exalted had decreed something else and He enabled me to be released from jail after 10 or 12 days. So, what more can I say? I did not do anything extraordinary. I did nothing.”

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