Humanity First France helps across the world


Mansoor Ahmad Mubashir, France Correspondent

Humanity First France has been active in doing what they know best; serving humanity! They have provided 1280 meals to the homeless, with volunteers working tirelessly in French cities of Paris and Lyon. They have prepared more than 1800 face masks, thanks to the clothes brand Aanaya B Collection who offered us a partnership opportunity. The brand is selling masks and all profits are donated to Humanity First France.

We also produced a tutorial video on how to make face masks. In total, we supported 12 hospitals battling coronavirus in the Greater Paris region and Epernay and donated PPE impermeable gowns, face masks and food.

In French Guyana, we offered 7040 hot meals to the homeless and refugees and our volunteers are preparing around 250 meals every day now for such people.

In Mayotte, our volunteers prepared food supplies for 175 families. The food packs will serve a family of four, for up to two months. The picture of our triage tent, donated to a medical biology laboratory during the first week of the lockdown, was used in the second largest regional newspaper “Le Parisien”.

We are proud people are liking and appreciating our work, which is all due to Allah’s grace. Humanity First’s work is still on going and will continue insha-Allah, as Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa has instructed us to continue to serve humanity.

Humanity First France requests prayers of all the Al Hakam readers.

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