Humanity First Germany assists e-learning project in Kosovo


Besmir Yvejsi, Secretary Ishaat, Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Kosovo

Kosovo borders with Albania, Montenegro, Serbia and North Macedonia. Like many other countries, Kosovo has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. For this reason, the government decided to halt primary and secondary education in all schools, since the second week of March 2020.

The Ministry of Education of Kosovo has started working on organising a distance learning process, through the production of teaching materials that will be displayed through the “E-Teaching” platform. This form of teaching is now obligatory and will last about six months.

4. Mayor of Kamenica with tabs

The economic situation of the state of Kosovo is not stable, and some children who do not have good economic conditions have not been able to participate in online learning in the absence of a computer or laptop. It was to this stratum of society that Humanity First Germany came to help, and thanks to Allah the Almighty, in early May, the representative of Humanity First had a meeting with the Director of the Directorate for Social Welfare and the Director of the Directorate of Education in the Municipality of Kamenica.

Their request was for tablets to be distributed to families with social assistance so that their children could attend online distance learning.

On 5 May 2020, a meeting was held with the Mayor of Kamenica, Mr Qendron Kastrati, the Director of the Directorate for Economic Development, Mrs Majlinda Krasniqi and Chief of Cabinet of the Municipality of Kamenica, Mr Meriton Ramabaja. In this case, Humanity First Germany presented 23 tablets with keyboards and it was agreed that the tablets will be donated to those families who are on social assistance and who have more than three children attending school. The total number of beneficiaries of this donation is 69 people.

2. At Municipality

Once again, Humanity First Germany has been at the forefront to provide aid and assistance. The Mayor of Kamenica, Mr Kastrati, through his official social media accounts thanked for this successful help, saying:

“Humanity First donates 23 tablets to the children of Kamenica. These devices will be sent to children in poor economic condition and those who cannot attend classes remotely, at this time of pandemic. Together, everything passes easily”.

The official website of the Municipality of Kamenica has also published their gratitude and writes this announcement:

“The Municipality of Kamenica is constantly trying to enable all children, who are living in deep areas due to the situation emerged by Covid-19 pandemic and those who have poor economic conditions to attend classes remotely. Mayor Mr Qendron Kastrati received at the meeting the representative of the organization ‘Humanity First’ with which they signed cooperation agreements for donation and the distribution of technological equipment to children in need…. These devices will enable and facilitate the development of online learning or distance learning, through the ‘E-Teaching’ platform”.

We hope that the pandemic situation in Kosovo will end as soon as possible, and we ask the readers of Al-Hakam to pray for all the people affected by the virus, that Allah the Almighty have mercy on them and heal them soon, Amin.

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