Humanity First Germany continues to help in Kosovo


Besmir Yvejsi, Secretary Ishaat, Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Kosovo

Kosovo is one of the countries affected by Covid-19 and the management of the situation is very good, thanks to the many states and organisations that are helping it institutionally. So far, the number of people affected by coronavirus has reached over 650.

One of the organisations that is helping Kosovo in this pandemic, by the grace of Allah the Almighty, is Humanity First Germany.

2. With Mr. Imer Zeqiri in Offices of Kosovo Police

In the beginning of this week, the Directorate for Social Welfare received a donation of protective products for the staff of the People’s Kitchen in the Municipality of Prishtina. This donation includes protective materials such as medical gloves, masks and hand sanitisers. Also present at the time of receiving the donation was the Project Coordinator at the Directorate for Social Welfare, Mr Premtim N Fazliu. Regarding this donation, he said:

“Kosovo, like the whole globe, has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. We, as the Municipality of Prishtina have already taken measures which aim to prevent the further spread of coronavirus. Measures taken so far, from the Municipality of Prishtina have been successful, but we have always expressed our readiness to cooperate with our various partners. As always, this time also, we have found extraordinary cooperation and understanding with Humanity First and the organisation AMJ (Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat).

“Finally, we have accepted a donation of various medicinal products that prevent the spread of coronavirus. The donation is dedicated to three different institutions, starting from the Municipality of Gjilan, respectively to the Regional Hospital of Gjilan, also to the Regional Police of Prishtina, but also to the Cultural and Social Centre for the Elderly, where on a daily basis, we off er warm meals to all families in need. Consequently, we seek to continue our partnership and seek further support from you. At the same time, on my own behalf, on behalf of the citizens of the Municipality of Prishtina, the Municipality of Gjilan and the Police Staff, I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for your contribution. Th ank you!”

Humanity First Germany has also presented another donation of hygienic equipment to the Kosovo Police, through the Municipality of Prishtina. In the offices of the Kosovo Police, we were received by the President of the Kosovo Police Union for the Region of Prishtina, Mr Imer Zeqiri. After receiving the donation, which included 100 packages of medical gloves, 300 masks, 40 liters of hand sanitiser and 8 liters of floor sanitiser, he said:

“As president of the Association for the Prishtina Region of the Kosovo Police Union, I thank you for the help given for protective measures during this pandemic for the Kosovo Police, such as a significant amount of medical gloves, masks and disinfectants for hands and floors. In this case I want to thank the director of the Directorate of Social Welfare Mr. Dren Kukaj, because initially we contacted him and asked for (funds) due to the lack of funds initially for protective measures that we partially lacked. So, once again thank you very much for both the donor and the officials of Prishtina”.

Mr Dren Kukaj, who is the director of the Directorate for Social Welfare in the Municipality of Prishtina, was also present during the donation, as a sign of gratitude, he said:

“This is not the first time that Humanity First stands by the Municipality of Prishtina. This time, this organisation helped us with protective equipment in this extraordinary time of emergency, not only in the Municipality of Prishtina and its People’s Kitchen, but also the Police Officers who are on duty and on the front line. I want to take this opportunity to thank once again the whole organisation of Humanity First, which is not, I repeat, it is not the first time they helped us. I hope to have such help in the future as well. Thank you very much”.

Another city affected by coronavirus is the Municipality of Gjilan, which is about 50 kilometres away from the capital of Kosovo – Prishtina. The Deputy Mayor of Gjilan, Mr Arber Ismajli together with Dr Ukshin Ismaili has received a valuable donation from Humanity First Germany, as support with basic hygienic and necessary equipments for the Regional Hospital and the Main Family Medicine Center in the Municipality of Gjilan.

During the donation, the Deputy Mayor of Municipality of Gjilan, Mr Arbër R. Ismajli said:

“Thank you very much on behalf of all municipal institutions in Gjilan. It is the second time that the Municipality of Gjilan has received a donation from Humanity First Germany. It is a special pleasure and an inspiration for us to be at battle with Covid-19. I hope that the help and assistance of this organisation will be continuous for all institutions. Thank you very much once again cordially for all that you have done for us and for the city of Gjilan”.

On Facebook, thanking the donor, among other things he said:

“We are very grateful to the organisation of Humanity First for the donation, considering it very vital for the needs that the current time requires. This support of this organisation will meet some of the needs and requirements of doctors, to make their work and operation throughout the pandemic situation as easy and safe as possible. Also, for the successful management of the pandemic situation on the part of the Municipality of Gjilan, but also the Regional Hospital, we received an acknowledgment as a sign of gratitude for the effort we are doing on the fore front of the operation against Covid-19 Pandemic”.

17 online newspapers and officials have posted the news on social media and on their websites, and the total viewership is over 270,000 followers or viewers.

We request all readers of Al Hakam to pray for the people of Kosovo that God Almighty protect them and that they get rid of this pandemic as soon as possible and return to normal life. Amin

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