Humanity First Provides Aid for Indonesia Tsunami


Humanity First Indonesia attend Cluster meeting at Indonesia National Disaster Management Board (BNPB)

Dr Aziz Ahmad Hafiz

Director International Disaster Relief HF

The HF Indonesia 17-man team has continued to work very hard in a number of sectors.

They have now been allocated a village Pombewe which is holding 5,000 displaced earthquake victims and will be providing hot meals twice a day for 1,000 people.


The team has identified significant post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms and are exploring psychological support services to help the victims.

At the international level, the team’s work is being advocated and fed back daily to the UN Humanitarian Cluster systems.


Humanity First is fortunate to have a strong team on the ground and as such, is receiving offers from other organisations to deliver their aid effectively.

Humanity First is accepting donations for relief efforts in Indonesia. Readers are encouraged to visit the link below and donate generously for this noble cause of serving humanity:

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