Humanity First UK hosts a charity dinner called “Dine for a difference”

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On 25 January 2024, Humanity First UK hosted a charity dinner called “Dine for a difference”, at the Wandsworth Town Hall, London. 

At approximately 7:40pm, the event began with presenters Hamza Ilyas Sahib and Sabahuddin Ahmedi Sahib introducing the purpose of the event. In light of current events, it was felt that there was a need to take a step back and analyse what could be done to better the world we live in.

A short video was presented on the purpose of Humanity First and its scope.

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Attendees were then informed about a hospital being funded by Humanity First in Ivory Coast and the need for such a facility. Fazal Ahmad Sahib, Director Humanity First UK, provided insight into the work being done there. A short video was shown next about Humanity First UK’s food bank project and the impact it is making, after which Najm Khan Sahib, Director Humanity First UK, gave insight into how the food banks were helping the feedback of people they were providing relief to.

The conversation then turned to the subject of Gaza and a video presentation was shown on the clean water facility provided by Humanity First, followed by the current need for more funds required for sanitary water for the residents of Gaza.


Dr Aziz Hafiz Sahib, Chairman Humanity First UK, informed attendees about the services currently being rendered by the organisation. Statistics on the amount of people rendered homeless and pregnant women facing complications due to the majority of hospitals being destroyed were shared. Dr Aziz Sahib said that what he saw in Gaza on his last visit was unlike anything he has seen during his time working for Humanity First. People living in the camps currently do not have drinkable water; the water currently provided is meant for washing and cleaning. Currently, residents in the camps of Rafah, where 80% of the Gaza population is currently residing, have chest infections, coughs that cannot be treated as the majority of doctors are dead and the majority of medication is stuck in standstill traffic in Egypt. 

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Following this was a quiz on various highlights of Humanity First’s activities, which attendees keenly participated in. 

Hazrat Amirul Momineen’saa words were then played in a video presentation on the importance of Humanity First. 

Concluding the event, Amir Jamaat UK, Rafiq Hayat Sahib highlighted the importance of contributing to the less privileged and who are in need of relief and care by means of proportionate sacrifices to one’s means, in light of the Quranic teaching.

Amir Sahib then gave a vote of thanks to the volunteers of Humanity First and urged everyone to remember them in their prayers and support them by means of financial sacrifice.

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