Humility of the Holy Prophet (sa)


“The exalted station [‘uluww] that is granted to the chosen servants of God Almighty is imbued with the hue of humility, whereas Satan’s self-exaltation [‘uluww] was tainted with arrogance. Behold, when our Noble Prophetsa conquered Mecca, he bowed down and prostrated [before Allah], just as he used to do during the days of afflictions and difficulties when he used to face every kind of opposition and be inflicted with hardships in the same [town of] Mecca. Upon seeing the state he had left Mecca in and the state that he was now returning to, his heart was filled with gratitude to God, and he prostrated himself in thanksgiving.”

(Al Hakam, 31 October 1902; Malfuzat [1984], Vol. 4, p. 65, footnote)

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