Friday Sermon: Huzoor reminds workers and guests of their responsibilities

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Hadeeqatul Mahdi, Friday, 28 July 2023: Earlier today, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih Vaa delivered the Friday Sermon at Jalsa Salana UK 2023. Huzooraa drew the attention of the Jalsa workers as well as the guests towards their responsibilities and the objectives of Jalsa Salana, set out by the Promised Messiahas. A brief summary is given below: 

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK’s annual convention, the Jalsa Salana, is marking its start. Jalsa Salana has been held in the UK for almost four decades in the presence of the Khulafa. The UK Jalsa Salana initially began with significant guidance from Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IVrh. The first comprehensive Jalsa Salana took place in 1985 with about 5,000 participants. Now, even the youth and women’s auxiliary organisations’ gatherings have larger attendances.

Despite the UK Jamaat’s extensive experience in organising Jalsa Salana, there are some concerns about accommodating over 40,000 people this year among the administration. However, Huzooraa remains optimistic, citing the expertise and devotion of the current generation. After inspecting the preparations on Sunday, Huzooraa felt confident in the dedication and familiarity of the duty holders with their responsibilities.

Huzooraa emphasised that success is not due to individual skills but the grace of Allah. He urged duty-holders to work with their best efforts and morals and to seek help through prayers. They should serve the guests of the Promised Messiahas selflessly. The duty holders should not only focus on their responsibilities but also on their spiritual connection and prayers.

Regarding the guests, Huzoor reminded them not to take his words lightly or customarily; rather, listen to them attentively and put them into practice. 

The primary purpose of attending Jalsa Salana is not for worldly festivities but for spiritual, academic, and moral upliftment. With the right mindset, even if there are organisational shortcomings, guests would not be significantly affected. Attendees of the Jalsa Salana are again reminded that the event is not a worldly festival but a spiritual gathering with the aim of enhancing spiritual, academic, moral, and educational states. The purpose is to deepen the love for Allah and His Messengersa. Embracing this mindset helps attendees overlook organisational shortcomings.

The Jalsa Salana provides various opportunities, such as the Isha‘at bookstore as well as exhibitions by Makhzan-e-Tasaweer, Review of Religions, the Tabligh Department and Ahmadiyya Archive and Research Centre etc. for attendees to increase their knowledge of Jamaat’s history and improve their religious understanding.

The attendees are encouraged not to focus on material comforts but to immerse themselves in the proceedings of the Jalsa. Instead of shopping or wandering around, they should listen to the speeches and benefit from the various exhibitions, etc. 

In terms of shortcomings, especially related to food, attendees are encouraged to be understanding and patient, bearing in mind that the workers are volunteers from different professions. The Promised Messiah’sas example of contentment in the face of service shortcomings serves as a guiding principle.

Guests are reminded that exhibiting high moral standards is everyone’s responsibility, not just the duty holders. Everyone, including women and men, should display the best behaviour, understanding that even a smile is considered a part of faith. The Promised Messiah’sas teachings underscore the importance of preferring the comfort of others over oneself. The true belief of a person is in giving precedence to the comfort of others, especially when faced with personal comforts or advantages.

The Jalsa Salana is not just a mere convention; it’s a spiritual gathering meant for reflection, self-improvement, and fostering brotherhood. By not adhering to these principles, you not only harm your own spirituality but also deprive others of the peaceful and enlightening atmosphere they seek.

It is important to understand that the Promised Messiahas has given us this guidance not as a burden, but as a way to purify ourselves and our society. We must see it as a golden opportunity to uplift ourselves and those around us. If we let our egos, anger, and prejudices control us, then we are missing out on the immense blessings that come from following this divine advice.

Let us not waste our time on trivial disputes and disagreements. Instead, let’s invest our energy in building bonds of love, understanding, and unity. For every moment we spend in anger or resentment, we lose a precious moment that could have been spent in service.

So, as attendees and hosts of the Jalsa Salana, it is our collective responsibility to make these three days count. To ensure that the environment is charged with spirituality, love, and mutual respect. And if, at any point, we find ourselves faltering, let us remind ourselves of the beautiful teachings of the Promised Messiahas and reset our intentions.

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Huzooraa also touched upon some general matters and emphasised the following points:

  • All attendees should attentively listen to the proceedings of the Jalsa.
  • It is imperative to listen to all the speeches; one should not pick and choose which ones to attend.
  • The Promised Messiahas strongly discouraged the act of favouring some speeches while neglecting others.
  • Given that we are in the sacred month of Muharram, special emphasis should be on the remembrance of Allah and sending Durood upon the Holy Prophetsa.
  • We must particularly pray for the Holy Prophet Muhammadsa and his Ummah in general.
  • Let us also keep all the Ahmadis facing persecution for their belief in the Promised Messiahas, who is the most ardent devotee of the Holy Prophet Muhammadas.
  • Attendees, especially ladies with children, must instil in their offspring the significance of the Jalsa proceedings. They should ensure both they and their children listen with full concentration.
  • Everyone should remain vigilant regarding security.
  • It is of utmost importance that all issued instructions are read thoroughly and adhered to.

Huzooraa prayed, may Allah the Almighty enable everyone to benefit from the Jalsa in the best way, safeguard against every evil and shower us with His mercy and blessings. Amin.

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