Huzoor’s prayers for the Jamaat and our responsibilities


At the end of a virtual mulaqat of the missionaries of Bangladesh with Huzooraa on 8 November 2020, the amir of Bangladesh Jamaat requested Huzooraa to offer a special prayer for Bangladesh that may bring about a revolutionary change.

In response, Huzooraa said:

“Why should I only pray for Bangladesh and not the entire world? Why are you limiting my prayer, whereas I pray for the entire world? Besides this, Allah the Exalted has decreed a certain time for everything and when that time comes then, insha-Allah, a revolutionary transformation will also occur.

“Once, someone requested the Holy Prophetsa to pray for him in regard to a particular task. The Holy Prophetsa told him that he would pray for him and then he called him back to tell him that he should pray as well and in this way, he should support his prayer for him.

“Therefore, as I have already explained, it is also your duty that you should wake up during the nights to pray. Each murabbi and mu‘allim should make it incumbent upon himself to offer the Tahajud prayers. You should work selflessly. You should fulfil the rights of Allah and the rights of His people. You must consider the services for faith as a blessing of Allah. You must not expect any reward or any kind of appraisal for this service. If you continue to work with this spirit, then Allah the Exalted will shower His blessings abundantly upon you all and you will see that He will do so very soon, inshaAllah.

“May Allah the Exalted enable all of you to do this and may He enable you to be successful in your respective fields. Amin.”

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