“I never thought I would get this chance”: Lajna Germany students reflect on a blessed mulaqat


Hamda Soosn Chaudhry, Sadr Lajna Imaillah Germany

In Germany, there are 945 Lajna students. By the grace of Allah the Almighty, 421 Lajna Imaillah university students from all over Germany had the opportunity of a virtual mulaqat with Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa

Out of the 945 students, there are 79 students of medicine and 166 studying to become teachers. 

The mulaqat took place on 28 November 2021 at Bait-us-Sabuh, Frankfurt. The main setup was in the men’s sports hall, where Sadr Lajna Imaillah Germany, Hamda Soosn Chaudhry Sahiba and Sadr AMWSA Germany, Shazia Noor Malik Sahiba were seated along with 307 students. The rest of the 114 students were seated in the men’s praying area. 

Preparations began for the mulaqat a few weeks in advance. All Lajna university students received a circular from the local umur-e-talibaat secretary, which provided the students with details of the mulaqat (date, time and venue) as well as the procedure to register to attend.  

On the day of the mulaqat, duty-holders were present as early as 7 am to complete the final setup. The Lajna students started to arrive between 8 and 9 am. Up until the time of the mulaqat, the students were shown their seats, provided with pens and notebooks, prepped for the mulaqat and given snacks and water to refresh themselves. 

The mulaqat began shortly after 1:20 pm with a recitation of the Holy Quran.

After a short conversation with Sadr Lajna Imaillah and Sadr AMWSA, Huzooraa granted permission for the Lajna students to present their questions. One after the other, the students asked their questions, which Huzooraa answered with love and grace. 

We are grateful to Allah the Almighty, that we were blessed to have this opportunity.

We would like to express our gratitude to beloved Huzooraa for giving us his precious time. 

The students were able to ask their questions and increase their knowledge, alhamdulillah.

The following interviews were taken before the mulaqat took place.

Navera Zunibia Asim Sahiba from Majlis Rüsselsheim said: 

“I feel really good to be here, it is really exciting for me to be part of this mulaqat. I am looking forward to increase my religious knowledge.”

Sadaf Ahmad Sahiba from Friedberg commented: 

“I feel fortunate and blessed, and looking forward to the blessed atmosphere of the mulaqat and seeing Huzooraa. Hopefully Huzooraa will give us lots of prayers that we can take back with us.”

Qandeel Bhutt Sahiba from Bremen said: 

“I am excited and emotional; I look forward to having a nice experience and just being in the same place virtually as Huzooraa. I look forward to telling my jamaat members about my wonderful experience. Insha-Allah, the other students will also be blessed with such a mulaqat in the coming years.”

The impressions of the participants after the meeting, are as follows:

Hamda Soosn Chaudhry Sahiba, Sadr Lajna Imaillah Germany, said: 

Alhamdulillah, the students of Lajna Imaillah Germany had the opportunity to ask Huzooraa practical and theological questions. I had the feeling that Huzooraa could look into the hearts of the students and give exactly the answer that they were seeking. After the mulaqat, many students gave me feedback; all of them said that today, they got the answer they had been searching for, for a long time, alhamdulillah.

Shazia Noor Malik Sahiba, Sadr AMWSA commented:

“It was an unbelievably beautiful mulaqat with our beloved Huzooraa. Shortly before the mulaqat began, I was really nervous, but as soon as I saw Huzooraa and he lovingly addressed me, my nerves were instantly calmed. The students have also given me some of their feedback. We are all ever so grateful that Huzooraa has given us his precious time and we were given the opportunity to be part of such a spiritual event.”

Fazeelat Sultana Sahiba, Muawina Sadr said: 

Alhamdulillah, I have been given the opportunity to attend this blessed event. Now that this memorable mulaqat has come to an end, I would like to express my emotions. I feel like, in this age, there is no other supreme human being other than Huzooraa. I liked the way Lajna members were able to express their concerns and ask their questions without hesitation, and Huzooraa responded with such detail and love. 

“Not just that, but Huzooraa confirmed with the Lajna members whether they were content with the answers or not. It was an emotional mulaqat for me, especially when a student Lajna asked a question regarding choosing the right spouse. After Huzooraa had answered the question with detail, he then asked the Lajna member if she was married. When she replied in the negative, Huzooraa then told her the method she should adopt to pray. Seeing that Huzooraa has affection and concern for each member of the Jamaat, my heart is filled with gratitude. May Allah enable us to fulfil our duties in accordance with Huzoor’s expectations. Amin.”

Aisha Ahmad Sahiba from Aziz Mosque commented:

“The first thing I did when I found out I would be having a mulaqat with beloved Huzooraa was gratitude to Allah, then I offered sadaqah and wrote a letter to Huzooraa. I had the opportunity to recite a nazm […] I cannot describe my feelings in words. It was a wonderful opportunity; I was excited and nervous. I feel blessed that I was given this opportunity. As I was standing there to recite the nazm, I was extremely nervous, but as I looked up and saw Huzooraa, I knew it was all right. I instantly felt calm and I could feel beloved Huzoor’s blessings and love upon me. I felt extremely blessed.”

Numana Mahmood Sahiba from Majlis Obertshausen said:

“I thanked God the minute I found out I would be having a mulaqat with beloved Huzooraa. It was unbelievable to be having such a blessed mulaqat during the Covid-19 pandemic. That was definitely the first thing I did, thank God. I was unable to ask a question, but I learned so much. The questions were extremely interesting. The way Huzooraa answered them was so loving and detailed. What was new for me was the question regarding sketching and portraits. We learn how to draw in school, we are even asked to draw portraits and now I know that there is a hadith that advises us against it. I did not know this at all. The way Huzooraa explained this was so beautiful. Huzooraa even elaborated that taking pictures should also have a purpose.”

Afiefa Anwar Sahiba from Majlis Groß-Gerau Süd said:

“I was really excited as I found out that I would be part of this virtual mulaqat. I have seen all the virtual mulaqats on MTA News and I was looking forward to be part of this historic mulaqat […] While coming for this meeting, I had to travel for about two hours, and after the mulaqat, I was feeling tired, but it was definitely worth it.”

Sara Anwar Sahiba from Majlis Groß-Gerau Süd commented: 

“This was my first mulaqat after such a long time. The mulaqat was interesting, insightful and relaxing. As I want to become a teacher, there was a specific question asked in regard to my subject and that was about how to deal with students of different Islamic groups in a class. That was something that I had been thinking about a lot, so I was really happy that someone had asked that question and I got a detailed answer to it. I feel excited and happy, but calm at the same time.”

Jasmine Khokar Sahiba from Majlis Nuur Mosque commented:

Alhamdulillah, it was such a blessed and faith-inspiring experience. By the grace of Allah the Almighty, I had the opportunity to ask beloved Huzooraa a question regarding teaching Islamic studies in primary school. Before the mulaqat, I was advised to try to shorten my question, as it seemed to be too long. So, I tried to shorten it and left out one part. 

“Then the moment came, when I was able to present my question and Huzooraa answered it graciously and in such detail that I was relieved and thankful to have received guidance. But then, I was overwhelmed as Huzooraa asked if I was content or if I had another question in mind and that now was the chance to ask. So, alhamdulillah, I got the opportunity to also present the second part of my question which I had shortened before. I am still so amazed about Allah’s ways and the special bond with Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya. Khilafat, zindabad!

“I feel guided and motivated now for the future as an Islamic studies teacher and all the uncertainty I had has been removed due to the blessed guidance of Huzooraaalhamdulillah.”

Aneela Ahmad Sahiba from Majlis Eppertshausen said:

“When I found out that I would be able to join the mulaqat, I was very excited. I feel grateful and happy. Although I did not have the courage to ask a question, I learned a lot from the questions that were asked. They were all really interesting. Huzooraa encouraged us to be active within AMWSA”.

Amatul-Wakiel Ahmad Sahiba from Majlis Aschaffenburg said:

“Seeing Huzooraa in the virtual mulaqat did refresh memories of our last family mulaqat before the Covid-19 pandemic. Huzooraa encouraged us to write letters to newspapers. Although the Lajna Imaillah does have such schemes, it was refreshing to hear it from Huzooraa”.

Naima Malik Sahiba from Neuss said:

“It was my first mulaqat with Huzooraa as a student. When I found out that I could join the mulaqat, I couldn’t contain my emotions. Even though it was a virtual mulaqat, it was a way to get close to Huzooraa. When I saw Huzooraa, my eyes were filled with tears and I realised once again that our Jamaat is the true Jamaat. We have a big responsibility to fulfil the expectations of our Imamaa

“If I had to describe my emotions right now, I would say that I am feeling inner peace. Especially when the nazm was recited, and seeing Huzooraa whilst listening to the words and understanding the meaning of the nazm was a moment very special to me. 

“I am studying law in the third semester, so Huzoor’s emphasis on human rights was a guidance for me especially regarding my studies. Also, Huzoor’s guidance about prayers [dua] was a reminder as well.”

Noorin Farooq Sahiba from Majlis Noorudin Mosque commented:

“The class was amazing for me. At first, my sister wasn’t chosen, but we found out later that my sister could make it. That was great for me. Huzooraa has provided us with a lot of information, especially the guidance on what qualities to pray for in our partners and the guidance for parents on how they should form a positive relationship with their children.” 

Fatima Janjua Sahiba from Majlis Pfungstadt said: 

“I found the mulaqat very beautiful. Normally I watch the mulaqat on This Week with Huzoor, but today I was part of it. It was not the same as watching it at home. It was definitely a different feeling. Being at the same spot where Huzooraa is present was amazing. What I am taking back with me from this mulaqat is patience and steadfastness, which are what we all need in order to carry out our Jamaat work.”

Noreen Salam Sahiba from Majlis Pforzheim said: 

“This was my first ever mulaqat with beloved Huzooraa. I was so happy when I found out I had the opportunity to be part of a student mulaqat with Huzooraa. I never thought I would get this chance. I feel fortunate, at ease and joyful. It is so informative to be part of such events, even when you think you don’t have a question, but when you are here and hear the other questions answered, it is amazing how much we don’t know, the insights by Huzooraa are always so enlightening.”

Romana Shahid Sahiba from Majlis Northeim, commented:

“I learned so many new things, my knowledge has definitely increased. I feel overwhelmed and at ease at the same time.”

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