IAAAE services in Liberia

Farrukh Shabbir Lodhi, Missionary, Liberia

Under the “Water for Life” initiative of the IAAAE, Dr Naseemuddin Khan Sahib from Germany was deployed for the rehabilitation of the hand pumps in Liberia towards the end of December 2022. Grand Cape Mount and Bomi counties have the majority of the hand pumps in Liberia installed by the Jamaat. The central missionaries of both counties completed a thorough evaluation of the rehabilitation of the hand pumps prior to Dr Naseemuddin Khan Sahib’s arrival. Included in this evaluation were the number of hand pumps, the expected repair costs, the logistics of transportation for the delivery of the items, and the organisation of volunteer teams composed of khuddam and local technicians. It enabled the completion of more tasks in less time.

During the second phase, Grand Cape Mount County was visited, although the project had already begun in Bomi County. In total, 49 hand pumps, three of which were brand-new, were repaired. Out of these, 26 hand pumps were fixed in locations where members of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya are not present, demonstrating the Jamaat’s universal service to the populace. While 18 hand pumps were restored in various neighbourhoods inside Tubmanburg city, 31 hand pumps were repaired in various villages. Due to broken hand pumps, two settlements in Cape Mount County were completely without access to potable water. A reasonable estimate states that a total of 13,000 people are using these hand pumps. Along with maintaining the water supply, repairing hand pumps has taught khuddam skills that will be useful in their line of work.


Final touches are being made to the installation of name boards, protection fences, and some of the cementing around these hand pumps.

At the Baitul Kareem Mosque in Tubmanburg, 90 people attended a seminar, and a 45-minute programme was also broadcast on the radio, in which Dr Naseemuddin Khan Sahib gave a thorough explanation of the goals and accomplishments of IAAAE, as well as the history of its founding, to the audience. On hand for the rehabilitation were residents of the area.

Haji Jalleba, the Tewor District Commissioner, visited Tiene during the reconstruction to greet the crew. He thanked them and expressed appreciation for the school, clinic, and other charitable endeavours of the Jamaat.

A non-Ahmadi Chief Imam of Goja town said:

“Our hand pump had been broken for a long time, and there was little prospect of anyone coming to fix it. I am delighted to have you here. Your efforts and moral character have found a place in my heart. I have heard of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya before. You are welcome to visit our town for preaching.”

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