Impact of Covid-19 in Spain


Abdusalaam Stedman, Spain Correspondent

As I am sure you know, the situation in Spain is particularly difficult currently with severe restrictions in place.

In response to these restrictions that have been in place for more than two weeks now and which are likely to last until at least 13 April 2020, Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Spain has redoubled its efforts to use online resources for tarbiyat and tabligh.

The missionaries in-charge in Barcelona, Madrid, Cordoba and Valencia have organised online Dars of Tafsir-e-Kabir everyday after Fajr prayer. At midday they provide help for those who are preparing for a test on Noah’s Ark, the memorisation of prayers, recitation of the Holy Quran, especially for Khuddam and Atfal.

There is a similar class of this kind at 3pm and yet another class going on for teaching Spanish to Jamaat members. Amir Sahib and National Secretary Tabligh have sent messages of support to local authorities as well as contacting them by telephone. For example, National Secretary Tabligh spoke to the deputy Mayoress of Madrid who replied that she would be interested in renewing the contact when circumstances permit.

At the same time 6,500 emails have been sent to authorities and media outlets and 300 emails have been sent to members of parliament. 

Next Saturday, a Spanish language radio podcast based in Vancouver, Canada will do an interview for an hour with National Secretary Tabligh about the life of Jesusas after crucifixion. 

I pray that you and all the staff of Al Hakam will be safe from the pandemic and its consequences.

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