Importance of offering Jumuah: Why it’s worth more than a million dollars

Frasat Ahmad, Missionary, USA
Medina 3

It’s Friday.

The clock has struck 1 pm and the muezzin has raised his hands in the mosque, calling you to prayer. The angels have scrolls in their palms, waiting at the door to record your name as you enter God’s sanctuary.

But you’re in the office, waiting on the deal of a lifetime. A million-dollar deal.

You’ve worked so hard to land the client and to work out the details.

But Jumuah is waiting. What do you do?

Do you close on this million-dollar deal, guaranteeing you that coveted promotion, landing you cash in the bank, and resolving all of your financial woes? 

Or do you pack up your belongings, and make your way to Jumuah?

Obviously, I can’t miss out on this million-dollar opportunity, so Jumuah can wait this week, right?


Not even a million dollars should stand in your way to Jumuah. 

Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa tells us:

“Even if it is peak business hour, when neglecting your business affairs and trade can result in a loss of millions of dollars, you should not care.

“You should attend the Friday prayers, without thinking of any potential loss that can occur in doing so. This is because going to the mosque to attend the Friday prayers and listening to the Friday sermon of the Imam is hundreds of thousands of times better for you than any of your trades, businesses or other worldly affairs.” (Friday Sermon, 31 May 2019)

In fact, the million-dollar opportunity lies in going to Jumuah, not neglecting it.

Our Prophetsa tells us that the best day upon which the sun has risen is Friday and that attending Jumuah serves as expiation and forgiveness for our sins. (Sahih Muslim, hadith 872a)

He even lets us in on a secret: There is a special time on Friday that can alleviate a lifetime of worries and fulfil a lifetime of dreams. If a Muslim finds this short period of time and prays to Allah, asking Him anything, then Allah will certainly meet his or her demand and accept their prayer. (Sahih al-Bukhari, hadith 935)

Even the flames of the hellfire have been smothered on Friday. (Mishkat al-Masabih, hadith 1047)

But, say you’re not convinced. This million-dollar deal is too lucrative for you to miss out on. Jumu’ah doesn’t stand a chance. What’s really on the line? In gaining the million dollars, what do you risk? What do you stand to lose?

Allah’s love. 

The Holy Prophetsa himself says that if you truly believe in Allah and in the Day of Judgment, then it is absolutely mandatory for you to attend Jumuah. He goes on to say that if you neglect Jumuah because of your work, business, or any other vanity or pleasure, then Allah the Almighty will neglect you as you have neglected Him. (Kanzul Ummal, Kitab-us-Salat, hadith  21120)

So you can lose out on the million dollars, or you can lose Allah. You decide which is more valuable to you.

Even the Holy Prophet Muhammadsa expressed his displeasure with those people who did not attend Friday prayers. The Prophetsa is reported to have stated: “I have thought about commanding someone else to lead the people in prayer, while I go and burn the houses of those who stayed away from the Friday prayer.” (Mishkat al-Masabih, hadith 1378)

Let’s take another perspective on this.

Did you know that you can measure your sincerity as an Ahmadi based on your attendance at Jumuah? 

Don’t take my word for it, take your Khalifa’s. 

Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa says that “God tests us to measure our connection with the Promised Messiahaa and to see what extent we are true in our bai’at, our pledge, to him.” For this, “our attendance at Friday Prayers has been set as the benchmark to measure the sincerity of our bai‘at.” (Friday Sermon, 18 September 2009) 

So when was the last time you attended Jumuah? 

The answer to this question may speak volumes about your sincerity as an Ahmadi in the eyes of Allah. 

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