Insights descend upon the heart through divine succour


One form of God’s support is manifested in a clear and evident manner; and this can be witnessed by the general public as well. However, there are certain hidden kinds of support. I am at a loss to think of any method by which I can show this hidden succour of God to the common masses. For example, there are my written works in Arabic. I know well the extent of my expertise in Arabic literature, but the fact is that when I begin to pen a treatise in Arabic, I am inspired with words — one after the other — which fit precisely in places that are most appropriate and apt.

Do tell me, how am I to show you this form of divine succour whereby words are revealed upon my heart? You may observe that most of the subject-matter discussed in my book Ayyam-us-Sulh is nowhere to be found in my previous works. Allah the Exalted knows full well that before this time these concepts never came to my mind, but now they have been revealed upon my heart in such a manner as is beyond a person’s ability to fathom, until they themselves receive a portion of such divine succour and they become able to understand this phenomenon. God Almighty bestows this grace upon such people whom He desires to use for an important task.

The fact is that until a person enjoys good health and has time at their disposal, it is impossible to produce written work. Only those people are granted this grace of God Almighty whom He wishes to use for an important task. In such a case, God Almighty makes available to such a person all the means that are necessary for them to engage in written work.

(Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, Malfuzat, Vol. 1, pp. 269-270)

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