Interfaith conference in Battersea, London

Waheed Ahmed, Battersea Jamaat, UK
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Majlis Ansarullah Battersea, UK was able to hold an interfaith conference on 7 May 2022, with a total attendance of over 100 people.  

In addition to members of the local community and political and social figures, representatives of different religions not only participated in the conference but also gave suggestions for establishing peace in the current crisis situation in the world in the light of the teachings of their respective religions.  

For the organisation of this conference, a committee consisting of seven Ansar was formed under the chairmanship of Abdul Basit Sahib. Beautiful banners regarding the message of peace were attached to the walls.

Ehsanullah Qamar Sahib was the host of the conference. The event commenced with the recitation from the Holy Quran with its translation, followed by a welcome speech by Ehsanullah Qamar Sahib.

After this, Abdul Basit Sahib gave a brief introductory speech and welcomed the respected guests.

Speakers at the conference included MP Battersea Marsha Chantel de Cordova, Rose Ponder, Penalaboda, Sarva Kumara Raja, Deirdre Bryant, Mr. Singh Kumbo and Paul Harland, while Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya was represented by the missionary, Raza Ahmed Sahib. 

All the speakers in their speeches referred to the teachings of their respective religions and stressed the need to intensify peace efforts.  The speakers lauded Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya’s motto: “Love for all, hatred for none” and said that adherence to it is the only guarantee of true peace in the world.

After the speeches, a short question and answer session was also held, after which the respected speakers were given gift packs containing the Holy Quran and Jamaat literature. 

Afterwards Zia-ur-Rehman Sahib delivered a speech and thanked all the guests, friends and organisers of the conference and prayed for them.

Charan Singh said that he was very happy to spend time with the local community, and thanked the Jamaat for the invitation.

Sarva Kumara Raja said that it was a pleasant and informative evening, and also thanked the Jamaat for inviting her.

Derridre Bryant said that it was an honour to participate in this event, and also thanked the Jamaat for the gift of the Holy Quran and other literature and for the excellent hospitality.

At the end, Abdul Basit Sahib, chairman of the organising committee of the conference delivered the concluding remarks.

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