International Book Fair of Argentina


AMJ Argentina

Marwan Gill, Argentina

The Ahmadiyya Jamaat was represented for the first time in the International Book Fair of Argentina in Buenos Aires from 26 April to 14 May. This book fair is considered among the 5 most significant book fairs in the world and the most important cultural event of the year in Argentina. More than 1 million people visit the book fair annually.

Alongside the Spanish, English and German translations of the Holy Quran, other religious literature was presented in Spanish, German and English.

Argentinians took keen interest in the stand and people came in large numbers to understand more about the true Islamic teachings and about the advent of the Promised Messiahas.

During the book fair, the true message of Islam was conveyed to thousands of people. Furthermore, around 400 persons left their contact details to stay in touch with the Ahmadiyya Community and learn more about Islam.

The Argentinian news agency, ABC Mundial, also visited us during the book fair and published a detailed article and interview about our first participation in the book fair.

Whereas the majority of the visitors had very superficial and limited knowledge about Islam, a Uruguayan gentleman found the contact to the Ahmadiyya Community again, after many years. He got introduced to the Ahmadiyya Community in India around 30 years ago but lost contact since then. He discovered us during the book fair and is now again in constant contact with the community.

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