Islam Ahmadiyyat spreads through Germany as Huzoor inaugurates five new mosques


The renowned German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche proclaimed, “God is dead,” in 1882, initiating a discourse that has since influenced various aspects of thought and culture. While this claim had a significant impact, especially in Nietsche’s homeland of Germany, it also led to a variety of interpretations and discussions on the role of faith in society. In 2012, an article in The Guardian referred to Germany as “the most Godless place on earth,” highlighting the lasting influence of Nietzsche’s ideas on the topic of atheism. Secularism, scepticism, liberalism, and just about all the other isms you can think of have been fast on the rise, with religion sadly on the verge of becoming outdated.

How ironic is it, then, that Islam Ahmadiyyat is spreading through this land of irreligiosity faster than ever, with mosques being built in abundance. The recent tour of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa bears testimony to this, as in two weeks alone, five grand mosques have been opened and inaugurated in five different towns.

These mosques opening in “the most Godless place on earth” is nothing short of a miracle. We present a brief report on the five mosque inaugurations that took place on this recent trip.

Mubarak Mosque in Florstadt

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Mubarak Mosque | Image courtesy of AMJ Germany

On 28 August, Huzooraa inaugurated the Mubarak Mosque in the German town of Florstadt. This mosque is part of the 100 mosques scheme that Germany Jamaat is pursuing. On a previous visit to Germany, Huzooraa laid its foundation stone in a ceremony that took place on 18 October 2015.

In his address at the inauguration ceremony, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa expressed immense gratitude to Allah the Exalted for the occasion. He spoke on the topic of the mosque as a symbol of peace and religious freedom. Huzooraa stated that Islam is often misunderstood in the West due to the actions of extremists. However, he clarified that Islam promotes peace and security, citing the Holy Quran’s teachings that permit warfare only for defence and to establish religious freedom for all.

Turning his attention to the mosque’s location, Huzooraa pointed out its significance. The mosque is situated in a commercial area and serves as a call to God amid worldly transactions. He emphasised the role of the mosque in maintaining a spiritual balance in a commercial environment. Discussing the current state of the world, Huzooraa warned that the world is rapidly moving towards destruction due to materialism. He affirmed that mosques teach the importance of caring for the needy and orphans and called for fulfilling the rights of Allah as well as His creation. 

He concluded the address by outlining the objectives for building mosques. He prayed that the Ahmadis in the area might become more active in spreading the teachings of peace and love after the construction of this mosque and fulfilling both the rights of God and His creation. Those in attendance included guests from various sections of society, with two mayors and a member of the provincial assembly speaking at the event.

Sadiq Mosque in Karben

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Sadiq Mosque | Image courtesy of AMJ Germany

On 30 August, Huzooraa inaugurated the Sadiq Mosque in the town of Karben. The foundation stone was laid by Huzooraa on 7 June 2014. Upon arrival for the inauguration ceremony, Huzooraa also unveiled a plaque and led everyone in Zuhr and Asr prayers. Later on, he also planted a tree.

During his address at the inauguration ceremony, Huzooraa said he extends his gratitude not only to Allah but also to the local people and the municipal administration, for it is our religious obligation to express such thanks in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammadsa. While mentioning local opposition to the mosque, Huzooraa said, initially, there was a degree of resistance to the mosque, which might have been partially justified given the negative representation of Islam by some Muslims globally. Nonetheless, some of those sceptics subsequently became allies upon witnessing the true Islamic conduct of local Ahmadis.

On freedom of religion, Huzooraa said, we owe a debt of gratitude to the government for upholding the freedom of religion. He said this liberty has enabled numerous Ahmadi Muslims to settle here and practise their faith without impediment. We are, therefore, thankful to the government for providing sanctuary to those who are persecuted for their beliefs worldwide.

Huzooraa also emphasised that we should always strive to fulfil the rights of others and how this is incumbent on every Muslim. Huzooraa also talked about women’s rights in particular and also the sanctity of places of worship in Islam. In the end, Huzooraa prayed that the mosque may serve as a platform for imparting the authentic teachings of Islam to the people. He also prayed that God enables all of humanity to coexist in harmony, recognise their Creator, and duly fulfil the obligations of His worship.

Nasir Mosque in Waiblingen

On 5 September, Huzooraa inaugurated the Nasir Mosque in the town of Waiblingen. He officially inaugurated the mosque by unveiling a plaque and leading all those present in silent prayer. Zuhr and Asr prayers were then offered, after which he inspected the new premises and planted a tree outside the mosque.

A special reception was then held in the Waiblingen Town Hall, where over 110 guests were in attendance, including politicians, dignitaries and local neighbours of the mosque. Prior to Huzoor’saa address, Amir Sahib Germany, Abdullah Wagishauser Sahib, introduced the mosque after which honourable guests spoke about their appreciation of the mosque and the efforts of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

In his keynote address, Huzooraa spoke about how a key purpose of building mosques is to create a peaceful and harmonious society around them. Huzooraa highlighted the way in which Islam emphasises the equality of all people, saying:

“The fact that we have people of different races and ethnicities is all for the purpose of one’s identity. The Holy Quran states that nations and people of different races are there in order to help you to recognise each other. Otherwise, you are all one in essence and so, being one human race, you should understand your value. Once you understand this value as a human being, many of the problems of society will die away.”

Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa also discussed the current state of the world and the problems we face in this day and age, the emphasis on equality in Islam, the value of education in creating a peaceful society, and the value Islam places upon caring for one’s neighbour. He stated:

“If you treat all these people like your neighbours, it will create peace and tranquillity within society and it will lead to the progress of your nations. This is not only beneficial at an individual level, rather it helps the country to further develop too.” 

Noor Mosque in Frankenthal

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Noor Mosque | Image courtesy of AMJ Germany

On 9 September, Huzooraa inaugurated the Noor Mosque in Frankenthal. After leading everyone in silent prayers, a keynote address was delivered. As a representative of Amir Sahib Germany, Daud Majoka Sahib shared some sentiments on his behalf and also mentioned the history of Frankenthal. He added that it was very pleasing to see that the people of the city appeared to be kind-natured and not such who would needlessly raise opposition. Various others also took to the stage and expressed their views and remarks, including the State Secretary for the Ministry of Health and members of Parliament.

Huzooraa began his address by thanking the council, who had been very helpful, and the mayor also. He said that the expression of gratitude is a religious duty, as Islam teaches that one who is not grateful to other people cannot be grateful to Allah the Almighty. The rights of neighbours were outlined by Huzooraa with special reference to the Holy Quran and narrations of the Holy Prophetsa.

The world is in dire need of peace and tolerance, explained Huzooraa to all those in attendance. The world is heading towards a major war and injustice is on the rise. Justice must be established on a global scale if the world wishes to avert impending calamity, and we all must strive to build peace, love and harmony instead of hatred and warfare. Huzooraa said:

“The wars taking place these days can have frightening consequences if they continue. The possibility of this is very clear, and the outcome will be disturbing. Furthermore, the weaponry that can be used in the wars is such that will cripple our future generations, and children will be born with severe disabilities. Millions of people will be wiped off the face of the earth. Hence, in this regard, we must strive and make efforts to establish peace, love and harmony on a small level, and on a large scale too, and to draw the attention of our governments towards this.”

Huzooraa concluded his address by urging the Ahmadis who reside in the area to propagate the message of Islam Ahmadiyyat more than ever before, to not only the city but the whole country.

Bait-ul-Khabeer Mosque in Pfungstadt

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Bait-ul-Khabeer Mosque | Image courtesy of AMJ Germany

On 11 September, Huzooraa inaugurated the Bait-ul-Khabeer mosque in Pfungstadt. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Pfungstadt has a history that dates back to 1999. In the early days, the Community gathered for prayers in a rented prayer centre. However, there was an aspiration to have a dedicated mosque for the Community.

In a significant milestone, it was announced in 2013 that the Community had received official permission to construct a mosque in the German town of Pfungstadt, Hesse. The Community’s dream began to take concrete shape in 2016 when Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih Vaa laid the foundation for the mosque.

Four years later, in 2020, the construction of the mosque was finally completed. The mosque, known as Khabeer Mosque, is a striking architectural feat with a total area of 1,125 square metres. It is designed to accommodate up to 320 individuals for prayers and features both a dome and a minaret.

In a symbolic gesture that reflects the mosque’s vision of peace and unity, the street where the mosque is located was renamed “Friedensstrasse,” which translates to “Peace Street.”

Pfungstadt had the honour of welcoming Huzooraa for the official inauguration of the Khabeer Mosque on 11 September 2023, marking a significant chapter in the history of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in the town.

By the grace of Allah, the recent tour of Huzooraa to Germany is a grand testament to how Islam Ahmadiyyat is spreading the lands of irreligiosity and winning the hearts and minds of countless souls in the process.

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