Jamaats in USA Remember Prophet Muhammad s.a. 


Anwer Khan

USA Correspondent

Jamaat Tulsa held its Jalsa Sirat-un-Nabi – an event dedicated to remembering the unique qualities and magnificence of the Holy Prophetsa of Islam – on 10 November 2018. The programme was attended by about 50 members, including women and children. It was held at Bixby Community Center, Oklahoma. 

The event started after a catered lunch and Zuhr and Asr prayers led by the missionary of the area, Feroz Hundal Sahib. 

Dr Yameen Khalil Sahib recited a portion of the Holy Quran and its translation was read by Jalees Ahmed Sahib. Dr Hameed Naseem Sahib, President Tulsa Jamaat recited a few verses of an Arabic Qaseeda, in praise of the Holy Prophetsa, written by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas.  

A Tifl, Rohan Basit gave a short talk on the Holy Prophet’s treatment towards children. Another Tifl, Hassan Basit talked about the Holy Prophetsa as a role model. 

Ehteshamul Haque Sohel Sahib spoke on the topic of Holy Prophet Muhammadsa as an exemplary husband. Dr Hameed Naseem Sahib introduced the iPhone app “Muhammad” and pointed to the many answers to objections made against the Holy Prophet Muhammadsa and especially discussed that the Prophetsa never proposed any worldly punishment for blasphemy and apostasy. Lastly, Feroz Hundal Sahib gave a talk on the way of worship of the Holy Prophetsa

The meeting concluded with silent prayer.

Lajna Imaillah Los Angeles East, Los Angeles Inland Empire and Los Angeles Riverside held a combined Jalsa Sirat-un-Nabi on Sunday, 11 November 2018 at Bait-ul-Hameed mosque in Chino, California. 

The Jalsa was a great success with a good attendance of 150. This number includes representatives from the Church of Latter-day Saints and non-Muslim students.  

The programme started with recitation of the Holy Quran. Ahadith were read out by younger members of Lajna and Nasirat before three speeches by Lajna Imaillah. The topics of the speeches were: The Blessings of Invoking Durud, The Rights of Women in Islam and The Promised Messiah’sas love for the Holy Prophet Muhammadsa.

The meeting concluded with silent prayers followed by lunch. 

A guest from the church said, “I chose to attend this event on Sunday despite our service later in the day, because this Jalsa is a holy gathering and I wanted to come”. 

One of the students who attended as a guest remarked, “I have been to several mosques in the past but never felt so welcome. I liked what was presented. I want to come back again.”


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