Kamuli Regional Jalsa and Peace Symposium


Batte Ahmad, Uganda Correspondent

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The Kamuli Regional Jalsa took place on Saturday, 24 August 2019 in Kiyunga Jamaat.

After the arrival of the amir and missionary-in-charge, the programme started with Zuhr and Asr prayers, which were led by Amir Sahib.

Salat was followed by the inspection of different departments, including Langar Khana, registration; guidance was given by the Amir to different departmental heads as to how improvements can be made. Next was a recitation of the Holy Quran by Inayatullah Lwanga Sahib and its Luganda translation. This was followed by an Urdu poem, composed by the Promised Messiahas by Sheikh Nasir Ahmad Ssonko.

Short speeches were then delivered by invited guests and among them was Chairman LC3 (local council) Malindi Joseph who thanked the Jamaat for their continuous reformation programmes.

He said, “When I was in Seeta for the annual national convention, I appreciated all the programme and the hospitality which was given to us … In true heart [I] am a Muslim.”

This blessed occasion was attended by many invited guests, including district councilors, district administrators, youth counsilors and representatives of the parliament of Uganda.

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After that, the amir and missionary-in-charge said that in this age, there is a lot of misconception about the character of Holy Prophet Muhammadsa. Therefore, he called upon Sheikh Adam Hamid Ssembajjwe to deliver a speech about Muhammadsa as an excellent role model for mankind. To begin with, he recited chapter 33, verse 22 of the Holy Quran and then he gave a brief description on the perception of the Holy Prophetsa in the present world. He then gave a brief history before the advent of the Holy Prophetsa and explained how it was divided into two phases; the phase of adversity and the phase of prosperity and that in each phase, he portrayed excellent examples throughout and this makes him an excellent role model.

Next was an Arabic poem composed by the Promised Messiahas and recited by Matege Tahajud and Sadat Kamya, two Jamia students.

Thereafter, Amir Sahib made remarks concerning the concept of prayers as it is understood in the modern world. Upon this, he summoned Sheikh Batte Ahmad to give a speech concerning the importance of observing prayers. After reciting chapter 2, verse 165 of the Holy Quran, he gave instances which showed that many people in the current age observe prayers but value them as they value cultural rites and norms and that is why many of them are frustrated in prayers.

Then he finally showed that the source of acceptance of prayers is the mutual relationship of love between a devoted servant of God and his Lord, the Creator of the heavens and the earth.

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Therefore using the writings of the Promised Messiahas, he threw light on the concept of God’s decree of good and bad, and its close link with prayers as it is clearly explained by the Promised Messiahas in his book, Blessings of Prayer.

After the speech, gifts were distributed to the invited guests in which the representative of the speaker of parliament Hon Rebecca Alitwaara Kadaaga, the LC3 Chairman Mr Malindi Joseph and a police officer were presented with a copy of the Holy Quran and other Jamaat books.

This was followed by Amir Sahib’s concluding remarks in which he called upon different members of the community to convey the message of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya in order to create peace in the community. He also cautioned the politicians against the tendency of character assassination which is ravaging our community.

Then he announced that 3,120 people managed to attend this year’s Kamuli regional Jalsa and peace symposium  and 113,800 Ugandan shillings were contributed to Humanity First.

With a silent prayer, Amir Sahib concluded the function. After the formal conclusion, lunch was served.  

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