Kenya Peace Seminar & Iftar Dinner 


AMJ Kenya

Ahmad Adnan
Missionary, Western Region, Kenya

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in Western Region held a successful Peace Seminar & Iftar Dinner in the premises of Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, Shianda on 13 June 2018. 

On this occasion, 10 Government Officials from the National Government, 3 from County Government, 7 representatives from 2 Media Outlets, 18 local visitors, 17 students from Bumini Secondary School and 170 members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community participated.

The purpose of the programme was to propagate the message of Islam as a religion of peace, present the true meaning of Jihad and show how hard the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat works day and night to preach peace to the four corners of the earth.

After the formal start of the proceedings, two speeches were delivered by missionaries on the given subject, and later on, the Government Dignitaries in their speeches appreciated the services rendered by the Jamaat in this regard and also by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Hospital in Shianda. 

Towards the end, participants of the Peace Seminar were provided with refreshments at Iftar time, and after Maghrib prayer, dinner was served to all attendees.

During this blessed month of Ramadan, we also distributed 198 food packs to the needy in the Western Region, while more than 55 food packs and other basic necessities will be distributed among the students of Rehabilitation Centre, Kakamega.

Mr Bernard Rapando, Chief Lubinu Location said:

“The spirit of peace advocated for by Ahmadiyya Community is worth being emulated by other Muslims and even non-Muslims. Today I have been touched by the speeches about the true Islam.”
Mr Joseph Wafula, Sub-County Ward Administrator (Kakamega County) said:

“I have met with Ahmadi Muslims on several occasions and I have learnt that they are quite different from other groups. They are generous and with true teachings of Islam. I feel encouraged that if everyone here follows what has been preached, then there will be no issues like crime in our county.”

Mr Wycliffe Okati, Representative District County Commissioner, Mumias East:

“I have learnt for the first time that Islam accepts the truth about Jesus Christ and now I got a true picture of who Muhammad is. The two prophets highly recognised each other…”

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