Khilafat: The route back to normality


The coronavirus pandemic has been crashing at the shores of human population in waves; mighty tides, rather, with a greater appetite for sweeping beyond shores into the mainland of every continent.  

In between the waves, the lowered contours have been filled in with geopolitical tug-of-war; as if to declaim to the pandemic, “We, the human race, will not change; come what may!” 

Fighting for land is still very much around; a reminder that we still are living in the age that we wishfully call “primitive”. The human race has not gotten over the impulsive lust for land, even if it calls for killing innocent people in scores of hundreds and even thousands in one episode of strikes. 

Religion seems to be melting away like a scoop of ice cream in a sunny, summer afternoon; dripping down the high altar it once sat on with all its majesty. The only lump remaining in the middle feels too soft to be picked up and restored. 

Morality is skiing down the mighty Alps, once known as modesty. The more out of normality you are, the better suited you are seen for modernity. When mankind derailed to see modesty and modernity as two opposite poles of mankind’s collective psyche, is not known and, to be very honest, no one even wants to know about it. Who cares? is the call of the day.  

Well! There has to be someone who actually cares; who actually yearns to put things right! There has to be someone, somewhere who knows the route back to normality!

This route-back-to-normality is a phrase we have become accustomed to since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. But is this dream of the lost normality restricted to the social aspect of the human society? Or does it apply to all aspects of it?  

So, there has to be someone, somewhere who is concerned about every aspect of the world we live in. 

There has to be someone advising on how nations should act and react to their lust for growth and expansion; someone who calls to international peace. 

There has to be someone who reminds world leaders that military action can sometimes be necessary as a last resort, but it still calls for an ethical approach where civilians are not killed in the stampede of army boots. 

There has to be someone who calls the world to repair and restore the roof and walls that protected humanity from falling prey to strong gusts and torrential rains of inhumanity: the safe confines of morality. 

There has to be someone who still believes that religion is an integral part of human personality. Someone who thinks that letting this side wither away could well leave mankind impaired; signs of which are not inconspicuous already. 

One could argue that there are such someones who stand for one or the other of the above. But then one could also argue that the situation calls for a single individual and one voice. The damage caused and the force of decadence that continues to pull the society apart need to be attended to by an expert in all areas; the effort has to be concerted and in one direction.  

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We need to stop looking around. It is time to act. There is one person in the world who spends his days and nights trying to restore humanity back to its raison d’être. This one person is Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmadaa – the successor of the promised saviour of the Latter Days, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas of Qadian; one whose vision-range starts from international affairs and goes deep down into domestic issues; one who knows where morality has stumbled and, also, how to pull it back on to its feet; one who tells the world that killing one innocent human being amounts to slaying the whole humanity; one who says that there is a God; one who calls the world to connect to God and be resuscitated from the dark dead-ends of the burrows of a self-induced moral coma of morality and humanity. 

Read this issue and know more about Khilafat – the only way to salvation. 

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