Kind treatment to all


“Remember that there are two commandments of God Almighty. First, associate no partner with Him, neither in His being and attributes nor in His worship. Second, be compassionate to mankind. Benevolence does not imply that it should only be for your brothers and relatives; rather it should be for anyone, any human, and any of God’s creation. Do not consider whether someone is a Hindu or a Christian. I tell you truthfully that Allah the Almighty has taken the responsibility of ensuring justice to you; He does not want you to take it upon yourselves. The more congeniality you adopt and the more humble and serving you are, the more Allah the Almighty will be pleased with you. Leave your enemies to God Almighty. The Day of Judgement is near. You should not be confounded by the hardships afflicted upon you by the opponents. I perceive that you will have to suffer a lot more at their hands because they who fall short of decency become ferocious, as if a dam is broken and a flood bursts out. A pious person needs to control his tongue.”

(Al Hakam, 24 January 1907; Malfuzat [1988], Vol. 5, pp. 130-131)

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