Knowledge for life and Ahmadi Muslims at the forefront of education in Kosovo


Besmir Yvejsi, Secretary Ishaat, Jamaat Kosovo

Humanity First has started its first Knowledge of Life project in Kosovo. It is worth mentioning that Rexhep Hasani Sahib, in addition to his engagement as a professor and teacher of the Albanian language and literature, recently voluntarily developed an additional course for the national test, to be taught through Zoom.

This course in Albanian language and literature started on 13 July 2020 and was initially held for one hour per week, but due to the great interest of pupils, from 20 July 2020, it will be held twice a week.

The course has been developed because of the difficulties that pupils have encountered with distant learning during the pandemic.

More than a year and a half ago, an article was published in Al Hakam, on 4 January 2019, entitled “Ahmadi Muslim Declared Exemplary Principal in Kosovo”. The article was about Rexhep Hasani Sahib who had been announced by the Ministry of Education of Kosovo as an exemplary director for 2017/2018 in the Municipality of Shtime.

In addition to the gratitude, he also won an award with the inscription:

“This award is for the best municipal director of the municipality of Shtime, for respecting engagement and work for education [in general] and education of the new generations, providing to all others an example”.

Rexhep Sahib is a veteran of the Kosovo War, during the years 1998-1999, when Serbia had finished the wars with Croatia and Bosnia and the war in Kosovo had started. Rexhep Sahib responded to the call for war and came to the aid of his homeland where he was wounded after a grenade exploded near him.

Then, during his studies, he became acquainted with the true Islam, Ahmadiyyat, through the Kosovo missionary, Javaid Iqbal Sahib and the late Musa Rrustemi Sahib. In 2002, he accepted Islam Ahmadiyyat and did Bai‘at.

Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Kosovo is proud to have such diligent members like Rexhep Hasani Sahib, who strive for the good of the community.

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