Lajna Imaillah Canada holds refresher course 2023

Nadia Mahmood, Sadr Lajna Imaillah Canada

Lajna Imaillah Canada held its annual refresher course for 2023-2024, at the Baitul Islam Mosque on 4 November 2023, reported Ayza Anwar Sahiba, Muavina in charge Press and Media, Lajna Imaillah Canada.

The event was held over two separate in-person sessions in the morning and afternoon to accommodate 10 regional majalis in the Greater Toronto Area. For regions too far away to attend in person, a special online session was held on 5 November. Over 2,100 members attended the sessions.

The goal of this refresher course was to strengthen the Lajna office-bearers’ understanding of Nizam-e-Jamaat, review their departmental responsibilities and tasks, and instil intrinsic motivation for all local amila members to become active in their role and engage the next generation as well.

The in-person event started at 10 am with the recitation from the Holy Quran with English translation, followed by the Lajna Imaillah pledge. An introduction of the National Majlis-e-Amila and regional presidents was given, after which opening remarks were delivered by Sadr Lajna Imaillah Canada.

After this, Lajna dispersed into their separate venues for their departmental sessions. Food and tea were served after the end of each session, followed by prayers.

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