Lajna Imaillah Germany visits provincial parliament in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

Zubaria Ahmad, Secretary Tabligh, Lajna Imaillah Germany

In recent years, some German politicians at various levels have been seen reflecting their anti-Islamic views on the floor of the national parliament. During a speech at the parliament in 2018, one such politician used very vicious words and a harsh tone regarding Islam. The Islamic teaching of purdah and the Muslim women who practise it were especially targeted, despised, and hated in her speech.

To answer and address this issue, a press release was issued by Lajna Imaillah Germany, and an educational campaign was also launched on social media in which the teaching and wisdom of purdah mentioned in the Holy Quran were outlined.

Like other European countries, Germany has repeatedly tried to enact laws against the Islamic purdah. Similarly, in 2021, they banned the head covering of women working in government positions under the pretext of banning the public display of the symbols of the Nazis. The German parliament passed this law. According to this law, every government agency will be free to decide whether to prohibit their Muslim female employees from wearing the head covering. This ban can be applied to women in addition to female teachers who are working, e.g., as judges.

While some politicians praised the law, it was openly criticised by prominent politicians.

In this whole situation, the avenues for introducing the true teachings of Islam were opened for Lajna Imaillah. We held meetings with dignitaries, and distinguished female politicians were invited to online and in-person events organised at the local and national levels. These discussion topics were mostly focused on women’s rights in Islam, especially the right to education and the facility of veiling given to women in Islam. Connections with female politicians yielded positive results.

Later, with the kind permission of Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa, four other points were included in the goals of the tabligh department’s centenary celebrations for the purpose of running this campaign throughout Germany. One point was the organisation of tabligh guest gatherings in majalis for non-Ahmadi women under the tabligh department. A significant number of female politicians attended these guest receptions.

By the grace of Allah, many contacts were established, and there was an opportunity to introduce the teachings of Islam Ahmadiyyat. Lajna Imaillah also received invitations from our female guests, notably invitations from five different female members of various provincial parliaments to the houses of their respective parliaments.

The first visit, on the invitation of Utta Blatzheim Roegler, a member of the provincial parliament who had attended the tabligh reception, was held on 21 June 2023, to the provincial parliament. It was attended by 47 Lajna members, including Sadr Lajna Imaillah Germany, my humble self, Secretary Maal, and Muawina Sadr for Wasiyyat.

All the members of parliament arrived by 12:30pm. After a brief introduction and guidelines, our group was invited to lunch. Since we had mentioned that we Ahmadi members like to eat in purdah, a separate hall was reserved for our group.

Lajna Imaillah was given the opportunity to speak to a female member of the provincial parliament about their Jamaat activities and Islamic teaching. During the one-hour meeting, questions were also asked by the members of the board. After that, the next item on the agenda was to see the proceedings of the parliament. During the proceedings, it was announced by the president of the provincial parliament, “We welcome Lajna Imaillah from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat to our parliament.”

At the end of this event, a separate room was provided for us to perform Zuhr and Asr prayers. Alhamdulillah.

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