Lajna Imaillah Republic of Korea Ijtema


Dr Ayesha Iffat Saeed

Sadr Lajna Imaillah Republic of Korea

After the establishment of Lajna Imaillah Republic of Korea in 2012, the Lajna here were able to hold their national Ijtema and Meena Bazaar dated 3-4 February 2019 at Daegu Mission House. 

The theme of the Ijtema was selected on the basis of a message sent by Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa to South Korean Jamaat members in a letter to National Sadr Republic of Korea. Huzooraa stated:

“Listen carefully to my Friday sermons and try to understand them and obey my words of instruction and guidance … You should urge members and their families to watch MTA often as it is an ideal means for acquiring knowledge of the beauties of Islam and the truth of Ahmadiyyat, and provides unity of thought and direction within our worldwide Jamaat.” 

Hence, amila members suggested and sought the approval of Hazrat Khalifatul Masihaa on the topic of The Importance of MTA in the Life of an Ahmadi Muslim.

Prominent features of the first day of Ijtema included meet and greet for most of the Lajna members for the very first time, religious competitions and the presence of Japanese professor, Noriko Sato, especially invited by sadr Lajna and national president at their visit to her university at Busan. 

At the end of first day, before the professor left, Sadr Lajna presented a gift on behalf of South Korea Jamaat. She was overwhelmed to receive it. 

Hazrat Amirul Momineen’saa Salaam and prayers for the Ijtema and Meena Bazaar were conveyed to members. 

An MTA documentary was also played for participants on the 25 years of MTA International. This was shown in the first session and left a remarkable impact not only on Lajna members but also on guests as well. 

The main highlights of the last day were Sadr Sahiba’s speech on the importance of listening to Huzoor’saa Friday Sermons, prize distribution and question and answer session with the national president and missionary, which was followed by silent prayer. 

Hopefully this event will be a source of strengthening the bond between Lajna members. 

National Sadr Sahib Dr Tariq Shamim Khwaja Sahib and missionary Dilmeer Ahmed Sahib provided us great support and assistance in making this event successful. May Allah bless them. 

There were certainly shortcomings and a lot of room for improvement, but we initiated these events from scratch, so even the couple of steps we took is an achievement. 

We pray and hope that this event was not only a source of spiritual knowledge but also enjoyed by all those who attended it. May Allah give us strength to make the Lajna Imaillah organisation more stable and sustainable by following the path of virtue.

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