Lecture delivered at high school in Kingston, Jamaica

Misbah Anmol Tariq, Jamaica Correspondent

On 8 May 2023, Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Jamaica was invited to deliver a lecture at Clan Carthy High School. The school is a well-known institute across the island, having existed for more than 50 years. It is located in the heart of Kingston, across from Sabina Park Cricket Ground, one of the most iconic landmarks in the Caribbean.

Upon invitation from Ms Danielle Cameron, two missionaries of our Jamaat visited the school. The teacher and students received the missionaries with a warm welcome. First, local mu‘allim, Ghulam Ahmad Sahib delivered a lecture on “Introduction to Islam”. In his presentation, he explained the five pillars of Islam, while also emphasising the meaning of Islam: peace and submission to God. The students were intrigued and asked several questions to learn more.

Later, Tariq Azeem Sahib, missionary-in-charge in Jamaica, delivered a lecture on “The Story of Creation According to Islam”. In his presentation, he explained the Islamic concept of how the universe came into existence and how Ahmadi Muslims understand it. He also explained how the Holy Quran, a revelation that came down over 1400 years ago, mentions the Big Bang in regard to the creation of the universe.

At the conclusion of the lectures, Ms Aafia, a young student, offered a vote of thanks on behalf of her class. To the delight of the students, the missionaries then shared some snacks with the children.

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