Majlis Ansarullah Canada holds annual shura and ijtema

Syed Mukarram Nazeer, Canada Correspondent

Majlis Ansarullah Canada’s 29th shura and 36th annual ijtema were held on 18 to 20 August 2023 at the Baitul Islam Mosque Complex.

The academic competitions were held in marquees, and sports competitions were conducted at Ahmadiyya Park and Aiwan-e-Tahir. Separate sports were held for saf-e-awwal (aged 55 and above) and saf-e-dom (aged 40-54) ansar.

Two workshops were conducted on “Timely Marriage” by Secretary Tarbiyat Jamaat Canada, Shahid Mansoor Sahib, and “Mental and Physical Health” by Dr Mahmood Nasir Sahib and Dr Aleem Khan Sahib.

On Saturday afternoon, Zaheer Khan Sahib of the UK delivered a speech on the topic of the blessings of Khilafat. In the evening, a question and answer session was held in Urdu with Amir Jamaat Canada, Lal Khan Malik Sahib, and Zaheer Khan Sahib. On Sunday, a question and answer session was held in English with Amir Sahib Jamaat Canada.

A team of eight members live-streamed the event on social media. 2,550 viewers benefited from it. This year, 2,623 ansar brothers from across the country were able to attend the ijtema in person. Moreover, 201 guests also attended the event.

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