Malta Book Festival 2021: Ahmadis present Islamic teachings, including to President of Malta


Laiq Ahmed Atif, President Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Malta

The national annual book festival is the biggest book fair in Malta and is held every year in November for five days – Wednesday to Sunday. Due to the current situation and increase in the exhibitors and visitors, the book festival in 2021 was held at a new and much bigger venue called MFCC (Malta Fairs & Conventions Centre) Ta’Qali, Malta. A record number of 40 exhibitors participated in the book festival which was visited by thousands. 

Like previous years, Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Malta also participated in the book festival by setting up a bookstall of the Holy Quran and the Jamaat’s English and Maltese literature.

The Jamaat’s literature in Maltese that has been prepared locally, the Holy Quran with English translation and The Review of Religions were displayed at the bookstall and people were invited to ask questions about Islam Ahmadiyyat. Free copies of the literature in Maltese including World Crisis and the Pathway to Peace were distributed among interested visitors. 

Visitors were also interested in having a copy of the Holy Quran with English translation that was also being presented during the book festival. 

Malta Jamaat’s monthly magazine Id-Dawl (The Light) was distributed and visitors showed great interest in the magazine.

Many visitors were engaged in discussions with Jamaat members on different topics such as the existence of God, Islam in the modern world, peace, the status of women in Islam, Jihad, the religious and political situation in the Muslim world and Khilafat as a divine leadership. 

4. IMG 03 President of Malta

His Excellency, Dr George Vella, President of Malta, and Honourable Dr Bernard Grech, Leader of the Opposition of Malta, visited the Ahmadiyya Jamaat’s bookstall and had a discussion with Jamaat members. They were presented with literature on Islam. They appreciated the contribution of the Jamaat to the country with its great efforts of building bridges between communities, spreading the message of peace, harmony, brotherhood and hope and services to humanity. 

Khuddam, Atfal and Ansar gave their time during these five days and served the Jamaat with passion and zeal. 

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