Muhammad – The champion of racial justice and equality: MKA USA hold live webinar with Prof Craig Considine


Talha Saifi, Mohtamim Ishaat, MKA USA

If you turn on the television today and flip to your preferred news network, it seems that more often than not, you are greeted by another disheartening report on racial injustice, brutality or inequality somewhere in the USA. This is the sad reality that millions of Americans face every day. But how long can this continue? 

When it seems that there has been some change, whether it be through demonstrations or legislation, again, the country is made witness to another tragic incident. 

Amongst the violence, the tragedy, the injustice and inequality, the country begs for an answer – a solution to our problem. But who is bold enough to claim that they have the answer? 

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Today, Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya USA, valiantly proclaims to our fellow citizens that we have the answer, the one true solution to ending racism in America: and that is to reflect on and follow the example of our master, the true champion of racial justice and equality, the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace and blessing of Allah be upon him. 

It is only by adopting the teachings of the Holy Prophetsa, by following his example, that this country, this world, can finally break free from the shackles of injustice that have been holding it back.

Ahtesham Najeeb Chaudhry, Mohtamim Talim, Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya USA reports that it is with this bold proclamation in mind that MKA USA, hosted a live webinar entitled “Muhammadsa – The champion of racial justice and equality” on 3 April 2021. 

MKA USA invited a group of esteemed panellists, who, through their differing experiences, could paint the multilayered and comprehensive picture of the perfect teachings of Islam. 

MKA USA was joined by Professor Craig Considine; a sociologist and a non-Muslim scholar and expert on the life of the Holy Prophetsa, from Rice University in Houston, Texas; Missionary Abdullah Dibba Sahib from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and brother Abdul-Hai Dawud Bajwa Thomas Sahib, who converted to Islam Ahmadiyyat in March 2012. 

The three panellists presented varying takes on how, from their perspective, they saw the teachings of the Holy Prophetsa impacting the world today. 

First, brother Abdul-Hai Dawud Bajwa Thomas Sahib discussed the impact of the Holy Prophetsa on his individual life, how these teachings encouraged him to rethink race and how he learned through the example of the Holy Prophetsa what true racial justice would mean to him.

Abdullah Dibba Sahib went over the impact that the Holy Prophetsa had in Arabia, and how he transformed an otherwise savage and harsh society into a group of model citizens, champions of justice and equality in their own right. 

Finally, Prof Craig Considine discussed the crucial topic of what America could learn from the teachings of the Holy Prophetsa and how this country and the world could benefit from these teachings.

Following the formal presentations, the panellists had a 45-minute round table discussion where contemporary issues and their solutions, through the Holy Prophetsa were discussed, as moderated by the missionary Frasat Ahmad Sahib. 

The topics discussed were the Derick Chauvin trial, police brutality, institutional racism, the adoption of the teachings of the Holy Prophetsa in a secular society and how to introduce our teachings to Western societies, amongst many other important topics. 

By the grace of Allah the Almighty, Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya was joined live by 868 brothers, sisters and tabligh guests. 

The programme was later viewed on YouTube by over 1,600 people. The programme was our humble attempt at educating our members and the greater public on the perfect teachings of the Holy Prophetsa and will, insha-Allah, be one of many presented and hosted by Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya USA.

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