Mukono region peace symposium and regional Jalsa 2019


Batte Ahmad, Uganda Correspondent

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Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Mukono region, Uganda held its 4th regional Jalsa and peace symposium on Sunday, 27 October at the Ahmadiyya Primary School, Mbikko. Though the region is passing through the rainy season and it rains two to three times a day, by the grace of God, it was a dry, sunny day during the event.

Members from all auxiliary organisations of the Jamaat worked hard to come up with such a successful event for a full month. Mukono Ahmadis and those of other regions attended and managed to raise the attendance to 3,500.

After the arrival of Amir and Missionary-in-charge Uganda and Rwanda, Maulana Muhammad Ali Kaire, an inspection of different departments took place.

Thereafter, under the theme, “Khilafat, Justice and Peace”, the formal event started with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Hussein Mbogo Sahib, which was followed by an Urdu poem by Nasir Ssonko Sahib. Mr Adam Nsubuga, a representative of the council, then welcomed the attendees and thanked them for accepting the invitation to attend.

An Amin ceremony then followed of 10 students from the Ahmadiyya Primary School Mbikko.

Then the headteacher, Mrs Faridah Katongole gave a report about the running of the school, where she introduced the teachers and their responsibilities. Faisal Buyonje then delivered a speech on “Ahmadiyyat: The Solution to Global Challenges”.

An Arabic poem was then recited by students of the Ahmadiyya Primary School Mbikko. The ceremony was graced by many guests including Hon Dr John Christen Muyingo, MP of Bamuwanika constituency.

Amir Sahib delivered the closing address. During the course of his speech, he said, “By the grace and mercy of God, this is the 13th regional Jalsa and peace symposium of its kind nationally for the year 2019 … It should be remembered that every religion is expecting a reformer in this age, but its only Islam which has a universal kind of teaching … Therefore, it is quite logical that the unifying reformer must come from a universal religion. And we Ahmadis believe that God Almighty has already fulfilled His promise to the world and sent Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas to be a saviour of the world.”

The Jalsa and peace symposium came to a successful close after silent prayer.

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