Nairobi local Jamaat hold Khilafat Day Event


Tahir Ahmad Machengo

Kenya Correspondent

On Sunday 26 May 2019, the local Nairobi Jamaat successfully held its Khilafat Day Jalsa. The event was held at the local Jamaat mosque which serves as the national headquarters, located along Murang’a Road.

The event started immediately after Asr Salat, with the recitation of the Holy Quran followed by its English translation by Mualim Nasir Hadji Sahib. After that was an Urdu Nazm by Tahir Ahmad Sahib and Shabbir Chanzu Sahib.

Thereafter was a short speech by a Tifl, Aahil Sheikh explaining what the institution of Khilafat is and who the Khalifa is. The second speech was on the essence of Khilafat Day by Athar Bhatti Sahib. In his speech, he stated that the real essence of Khilafat is obedience to the institution of Khilafat.

The third speech, in Swahili language, was about Hazrat Abu Bakr’sra life as the first Khalifa of Holy Prophetsa which was delivered by Ismail Bakari Sahib. In his speech, he narrated the pious life history of Hazrat Abu Bakrra.

The last speech, delivered by Ismail Juma Sahib was about the institution of Khilafat in the Holy Quran, with extracts from the sayings and writings of the Holy Prophetsa, the Promised Messiahas and Khulafa regarding institution of Khilafat and its significance. Thereafter, the amir and missionary in-charge of Kenya delivered the concluding remarks. In his remarks, Amir Sahib gave a gist of Huzoor’saa Friday Sermon of 24 May 2019. The event ended with silent prayer led by Amir sahib. A total of 95 participants attended the Jalsa.

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