National Tournament Lajna Imaillah Belgium 2019


Mohammad Arsalan, Belgium Correspondent

Lajna Imaillah Belgium organised their first ever volleyball & badminton tournament on 9 November in Hasselt.

Preparations and booking were made well before for this tournament. One week before the tournament, rules & regulations were sent to all respected Majalis. Regular training was organised for this tournament.

In this tournament, three teams participated from the regions of Brabant, Limburg and Antwerpen. Each team played matches of 25 points in volleyball. Team Brabant and Limburg played the final match.

For badminton, two players played from each region and the top two played in the final. The programme started at 1pm in the hall with the recitation of tilawat followed by the National Anthem, speech and silent prayer.

The Brabant and Limburg regions made it to the final with Brabant being hailed as the victors. In the closing session, national Sadr Sahiba distributed trophies and a shield to the regional sadrs and medals to the winning team.

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