Nigeria Lajna overwhelmed following historic mulaqat


Taofeeqah Aderoju Fagbolade, Sadr Lajna Imaillah Nigeria

On 21 February 2021, the national amila of Lajna Imaillah Nigeria had the blessed opportunity of a virtual meeting with Hazrat Amirul Momineenaa

Before the mulaqat, I was anxious on what Huzooraa will ask me and whether or not I would live up to expectations. I also had the belief that seeing him, even virtually, would definitely be a source of blessings for all the members.

Looking at him and his way of relating with all, put me at peace. It gave me more assurance that I am rightly guided. I was happy to be in the Jamaat with all my families. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil-Alamin.

Huzooraa was conscious of time, thus he did not permit any questions until the last person had spoken. But when it got to a particular member, he granted her the opportunity to make a request as if he knew that her request was very important. She requested that she and others like her too may be blessed with offspring. Huzooraa prayed for her and all those like her. I was really happy for this. May the prayers be granted. Amin.

I pray it makes me a better person and that I am able to reach out more to less active members and those outside the Jamaat with the message of peace.

I congratulate all amila members of Lajna Imaillah Nigeria for the success of the mulaqat. I appreciate all those who contributed positively to the success, especially the MTA crew. I hope that we can have more mulaqats like this regularly, maybe twice a year. I pray the blessings of Khilafat remain with all of us. Amin.

Below are the comments of other amila members:

Wakilat Olanrewaju Sanusi, Naib Sadr 1, said:

“I felt very anxious before the meeting and was looking forward to it. Alhamdulillah, the experience was awesome, interesting and rather educating. The most inspiring experience was the advice from Huzooraa on purdah and also on how to improve our activities including harmonising our tajnid with that of the Jamaat.

“The inspiration will assist me as naib sadr and team leader for the Lajna Planning Committee to educate other Lajna members on purdah and on tajnid. It will help to have proper planning of all Lajna events.”

Maryam Ademoye Mrs, Naib Sadr III, said:

“There was anxiety at first, but I felt excited as well. The way Huzooraa related with us joyfully was very delightful for me. 

“This meeting will assist in further spiritual development.”

Owolabi Monsurat Kehinde, General Secretary, said:

“I was nervous, not knowing what Huzooraa would say about our performance. Alhamdulillah, I am very happy seeing Huzooraa. I felt that we were meeting him face to face.

“The most inspiring part was when he said his expectations were higher for us than the men and also described the importance of purdah. He also jokingly said that Covid-19 had turned us all to full purdah. Huzooraa guided us on how to tackle day-to-day challenges.” 

Shakirat Oladejo-Alghazal, Assistant General Secretary, said:

“In 2008, I missed the opportunity to participate in a family mulaqat with Huzooraa when he visited Nigeria. Since then, I had been longing for an opportunity to meet Huzooraa, so when I heard about this particular mulaqat, I was very excited and eagerly looking forward to it. Alhamdulillah for having this great opportunity! I never knew it would come so soon.

“During the mulaqat, I felt as if I was seeing the Khalifa physically. The atmosphere was full of tranquility. I felt blessed.

“Huzooraa has given us a challenge to do better than we have been doing. This has actually inspired me to put in more effort. I believe it is so for many other participants too. May Allah make the mulaqat a source of blessings and spiritual uplifting for me and other office-bearers.”

Mulikat Salaam said:

“It was a beautiful experience and a blessed one. I have been inspired to want to do more in the way of Allah. I pray this mulaqat with Huzooraa comes up twice or thrice a year.”

Basirat Ajumobi, Secretary Ishaat, said:

“I was looking forward to see Huzooraa and was nervous about the questions he may ask me.

“I was happy, seeing him and speaking with him directly. When he told me, ‘God bless you’, I felt inspired and uplifted. 

“The prayer has given me more hope and assurance that I should work harder in the discharging my duties.”

Olu-Lawal Moteehat Olubukola, District IV Sadr, said:

“I was feeling anxious, at edge, almost restless. But after seeing Huzooraa, I felt at peace.”

Adewale Fatimah Mustabshirah, District Sadr, said:

“I felt fulfilled and blessed meeting his holiness. The most inspiring experience of the mulaqat was when Huzooraa said ‘May Allah bless’ you.”

Muhibat AbdurRazaq, District Sadr, said:

“These inspirations will help me in discharging my duties as district sadr effectively.” 

Modinat-il-Munawwarah Adekoya-Iromini, District Secretary and protocol officer, said:

“The most inspiring experience at the mulaqat, was the way His Holiness ask the office-holders relevant questions concerning their responsibilities.”

Raji Kudirat Olanike, Muavina Sadr Rishta Nata Coordinator, said:

“I hope to have more of such mulaqats in the future.”

Ola Nafisah, District Secretary, said:

“The most inspiring part was the words of the Khalifa, ‘May Allah bless you all’. Whenever I remember these words, it will push me to discharge my duties knowing full well that Allah will assist me.” 

Aina Monsurat, Sadr Lajna Headquarters, said:

“It was an awesome experience. I am happy to see Huzooraa.”

Azeezah, District Sadr 6, said:

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil-Alamin. I feel blessed.”

Towolawi Aishah, Secretary Waqf-e-Jadid, said:

Alhamdulillah it was an inspiring experience.”

Shakirah Akinpelu, District Sadr, said:

“Meeting Huzooraa virtually is an inspiration to march forwards and better.”

Khadijah Abdulrazaq Yekinni, Sadr AMWSA, said:

“I was so tense and anxious and praying fervently that Allah should give the grace to be able to answer all questions directed to me by our beloved Huzooraa.”

Rahmatallah Iromini, Muhasiba Maal (Auditor), said:

“I was so happy and elated and thank Allah for the opportunity.” 

Mujidat Bello, Muavina Sadr, said:

“I was so excited to be in the presence of Huzooraa.”

Oyekola Mutiat-ur-Rahman, Project Co-ordinator, said:

“The inspiration will help to uplift spiritually and emotionally.”

Odeyemi Suwebat, District II Sadr, said:

“The most inspiring experience at the mulaqat was the way Huzooraa paid detailed attention to every office.”

Abdussalam Munawwarah Folasade, District IV Secretary, said:

“I was so eager to see Huzooraa. I was relieved of eagerness and so happy.”

Sodeko Bilqees, Secretary New Converts, said:

“Initially, I had panic and the thought that I would be giving an account of my records in the presence of His Holiness, made me nervous. But Huzooraa was very accommodating and while conversing with him, I felt relieved to a large extent.”

Akewugberu Nurullah, Sadr Attache, said:

“I learned that some offices need to work together with headquarters in order to get the correct and exact information.”

AbdulRazaq Lateefat, Secretary Finance, said:

“I learnt more about how to discharge my responsibility.”

Shoboyede Wasilah Ayoola, Secretary Nasirat, said:

“I felt spiritually great and motivated. Huzoor’saa spiritual brightness and courageous words were so amazing.”

Omoyele Mariam, Secretary Sanat-o-Dastkari (Industry and Handicraft), said:

“I will put in more effort towards empowering more lajnas, especially the young ones just graduating and those who need better or additional sources of income.”

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