Online classes in Guatemala


Amir Nafees, Guatemala Correspondent

The government of Guatemala took very strict measures to contain the virus after confirming its first few cases. All schools, restaurants, government offices etc. have been closed for the time being.

The government has also put restrictions on large gatherings and on places of worship. It is for this reason and in compliance with the government that we have advised our Jamaat members to offer prayers at home instead of coming to the mosque. All members have been advised to stock essential items.

We had been building a mosque in a town (Cahabon) but the government has also put restrictions on the construction works. Therefore, the work on the mosque has been postponed for now.

For the progress of the Jamaat in Guatemala we have started online classes via Facebook. Our Jamaat members as well as other people who are interested in Islam Ahmadiyyat, take part in this class. We are keeping in touch with all members through phone calls and WhatsApp. Regular reminders and tarbiyyati points are sent in our Jamaat groups.

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