Opposition and new Ahmadi mosque in Grand-Lahou region of Ivory Coast


Abdul Quyyum Pasha, Amir Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Ivory Coast

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Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Ivory Coast is honoured by building a new mosque in the village named PK63, in the Grand-Lahou region. 

The preaching of Islam Ahmadiyyat had started there in 2007 through the regional missionary, Kone Karim Sahib. After that, the local Imam and the chief of the village, not only joined Islam Ahmadiyyat, but also handed over the only mosque of the village to the Jamaat where Idrees Sahib was appointed as the local muallim

However, after the death of the Imam, the locals of the village persuaded the village chief to expel the Ahmadi muallim from the village, but the chief did not agree with this opinion rather he gave a separate place to Ahmadis to offer the prayers.

After the death of the chief, the locals called the non-Ahmadi Imam of the Grand Mosque located in Grand-Lahou city and social pressure was created to expel the Ahmadi muallim from the village, which the local Ahmadi president and members denied. Therefore, due to this, Ahmadi Muslims started praying separately.


In 2018, the foundation stone of an Ahmadiyya mosque named Bait-us-Salam was formally laid here. On 26 September 2021, Amir and Missionary-in-charge Ivory Coast, Abdul Quyyum Pasha Sahib formally inaugurated the mosque and led the silent prayer. The same day, the inauguration ceremony took place which was presided by Amir Sahib. 244 people attended the ceremony, including national presidents of all the three auxiliary organisations, members of the national amila, the deputy governor, 13 non-Ahmadi local Imams and several local office-bearers.

Our local missionary, Sadiq Djialou Sahib delivered a speech on the topic of beliefs of Ahmadiyyat after which the presidents of all three auxiliary organisations gave a brief introduction of their respective organisations. 

Later on, local non-Ahmadi Imams and the deputy governor gave speeches while at the end of the ceremony, Amir Sahib Jamaat Ivory Coast delivered a speech in which he explained the importance of building mosques. 

The ceremony concluded with a silent prayer. 

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