“Our crown is now full”: New Year Reception in Brussels


Mohammad Arsalan, Belgium Correspondent

On 29 January 2020, a New Year’s reception was organised by Baitul Mujeeb Jamaat in Uccle, Brussels. Uccle is the city where our newly built mosque, Baitul Mujeeb, is located.

A month prior to the event, invitations were distributed throughout the area, many being given personally to neighbours, religious representatives, government officials and to NGOs. On the day of the reception, three Mayors attended the reception; Mr Borris Dillies, Mayor of Uccle city, Mr Alexis Calmeyn, Mayor of Drogenbos (a neighbouring town) and Mr Yves Ghequiere, Mayor of Linkebeek. They were accompanied by their counsellors as well.

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There were a large number of distinguished guests, including the President of the Flemish parliament of Brussels, Mr Fouad Ahidar and various other Members of Parliament, Ambassadors and different representatives of Ambassadors such as Ukraine, Hungry, Nicaragua, Israel, Indonesia and Poland. Faith leaders also attended, such as the Priest of the Catholic Church of Uccle, the Rabbi of the synagogue of Uccle and many others. Neighbours and friends of the community were in attendance as well.

The event started with the recitation of the Holy Quran with its translation. Dr Idrees Ahmad Sahib, Amir Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Belgium delivered the welcome speech. Hafiz Ehsan Secundar Sahib, Missionary-in-Charge Belgium delivered a presentation on the Jamaat’s activities at a national level and local level in Uccle and its neighboring cities.

After the presentation, a short video was shown entitled “A man of peace”, consisting of some highlights from Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V’saa speeches, which he delivered in different parliaments around the world. The participants listened attentively to the topic of how to achieve long lasting peace. The video had a very positive impact on our guests. They really appreciated Huzoor’saa efforts for the establishment of world peace.

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The Mayor of Uccle, Mr Borris Dilles said that with the first mosque in the city of Uccle, “our crown is now full” with the presence of churches, temples, a synagogue and now a mosque.

He also said that he knew the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat for the last 10 years, as he was also present, as counselor, when the laying of the first stone took place back in 2011.

Mr Dilles said that the Jamaat is very active in bringing peace and togetherness, to work in unity, to love and respect like their motto “Love for All Hatred for None” entails.

At the end of his speech he wished the Jamaat a positive future and encouraged us to continue our efforts which are very much appreciated by the town of Uccle.

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The Mayors of Linkebeek and Drogenbos also appreciated the invitation at such an event where they were enlightened by the message and efforts of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat nationally and internationally.

The Priest of the Catholic Church and the Rabbi of the Jewish community also congratulated our Jamaat for our messages and activities of brotherhood and living together in respect. They said they will continue their collaboration with our Jamaat to promote peace and tolerance. They both finished their words with the motto “Love for All Hatred for None”.

The programme concluded with a silent prayer followed by a traditional dinner. An exhibition was set up which and books on the Jamaat were distributed and liked by the attendees.

The attendance of the event was 105 non-Ahmadi guests. Many of them left positive feedback and thanked us for reaching out and introducing them to the true teachings of Islam.

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