Outreach programmes in Argentina

Marwan Sarwar Gill, Missionary, Argentina 

During the month of December, we had the opportunity to organise two humanitarian events under the motto of “Love for All, Hatred for None”.

One day we distributed toys in a children’s hospital located in Buenos Aires to more than 100 children. Aside from the 3 members of the Jamaat, around 13 friends of the community participated and supported us and thus made this event successful.


Only a few days ago, along with the Sai Baba community, we went to a underprivileged neighbourhood near Buenos Aires to distribute food, clothes and toys. The Ahmadiyya Jamaat was represented in this event by 3 members and 3 friends of the community. More than 100 people received different types of donations.

The online news channel ABC Mundial also published an article about these activities of the community.

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