Conflict in the Holy Land: Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad calls on world powers for restraint and encourages unity among Muslim nations


During his Friday Sermon earlier today, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih Vaa, drew attention to the seriousness of the ongoing conflict in the Holy Land and said: 

“At this juncture, I wish to speak again about the current global situation and reiterate the importance of prayer. 

“Nowadays, writers from the West, even some from the United States, have written in their newspapers that there should be a limit to retaliation. They opine that America and other Western countries should play their part in the conflict between Hamas and Israel, making efforts for peace and ceasefires.

“However, the same writers also lament that it seems these nations, instead of working to stop the conflict, appear to be fanning its flames.

“Similarly, there was a report from the United States where a senior official of the US Department of State resigned, stating that the oppression of innocent Palestinians has reached its limits and that the world powers should be mindful of this.

“Still, there are decent and noble individuals among them. Occasionally, it is reported in the media that some Jewish rabbis have also spoken out in favour of justice and against oppression.

“Russia’s Foreign Minister has warned that if these countries continue their current stance, this war could spread throughout the region. 

“However, I believe it may spread globally, so these nations should exercise utmost prudence. Similarly, as I’ve previously mentioned, Muslim countries should speak in unity and with one voice. If the world’s Muslim-majority nations, often cited as 53 or 54 in number, were to speak as one, it would indeed be a powerful force and would make a significant impact. Isolated voices, however, lack influence. This is the only way to establish peace in the world and end this war. Muslim nations must make earnest efforts to prevent global destruction. May Allah grant them the ability to do so.

“Nonetheless, we must persistently pray. May Allah bring an end to this war and protect the innocent, oppressed Palestinians. Further, may no more atrocities befall them, and may Allah eradicate oppression from the world, wherever it exists. May Allah grant us the ability to pray earnestly.” [Amin.]

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