Perils of arrogance


“Arrogance is an exceedingly perilous affliction; its emergence within a person signifies spiritual demise. I am thoroughly convinced that this malady surpasses even murder in its gravity. An arrogant individual essentially becomes a sibling of Satan, for it was arrogance that led to Satan’s humiliation and disgrace. Therefore, it is imperative for a believer not to harbour arrogance but to embody humility, meekness, and deference. These virtues are particularly pronounced in those divinely commissioned; they exhibit a degree of humility and submission unparalleled, most exemplified in the Holy Prophetsa. When one of his servants was enquired about his experience of serving him, the servant responded: ‘The unvarnished truth is that He serves me more than I serve him.’ (اللّٰهُمَّ صلِّ علیٰ محمدٍ وَ علیٰ آلِ محمدٍ وَ بارِک وَ سلِّم)”

(Al Hakam, 10 November 1905, Malfuzat [1988], Vol. 4, pp. 437-438)

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