Prayer: A sweet spring


“Prayer [du‘a] is akin to a sweet spring beside which a believer is seated, able to quench their thirst at will. Just as a fish cannot live without water, so too a believer cannot exist without prayer, which is the water that sustains them. The proper occasion for such prayer is salat, where a believer finds solace and joy. This comfort and delight are incomparable to even the most intense pleasures a libertine might derive from immoral acts. The foremost reward garnered through prayer is the closeness to Allah. It is through prayer that one draws closer to God and pulls His attention towards oneself. When a believer’s prayers are imbued with complete sincerity and dedication, God bestows His mercy upon them and assumes the role of their Protector. Reflecting on life, one realises that without Divine guardianship, human existence becomes unbearably bleak.”

(Al Hakam, Vol. 8, No. 19, 10-17 June 1904, p. 6)

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