President of Kosovo Police Union visits centre of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya

Besmir Yvejsi, Kosovo Correspondent

On 5 June 2023, Lieutenant Imer Zeqiri, the President of the Kosovo Police Union, paid a visit to the centre of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Kosovo in Prishtina. During his visit, he was acquainted with the Jamaat’s global presence and its activities within Kosovo, including its branches in Prishtina, Peja, and Mitrovica. Lieutenant Zeqiri was provided with comprehensive information regarding the religious and cultural endeavours undertaken by the Jamaat on a monthly basis. Of utmost importance, he was apprised of the peaceful teachings of Islam, which unequivocally disavow violence, radicalism, and the imposition of ideology.

Furthermore, Lieutenant Zeqiri received insight into the commendable humanitarian efforts undertaken by Humanity First across the globe, with a particular emphasis on its endeavours within Kosovo.

Humanity First Germany, in April 2020, had distributed essential hygiene supplies to the Kosovo Police Union. In expressing his heartfelt gratitude, Lieutenant Zeqiri conveyed that the aid received, comprising masks, gloves, and disinfectants at that time, far exceeded the estimated value of one million euros in today’s market.

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