Purdah – a categorical Quranic commandment


A virtual mulaqat of Lajna members of the Netherlands with Huzooraa was held on 22 August 2020. While replying to their question regarding purdah, Huzooraa said: 

“The injunction of purdah is not exclusive to the Ahmadiyya Jamaat. Nasirat and Lajna members should be educated that the injunction of purdah has been given by the Holy Quran. It is a commandment of Allah and His Messengersa. Therefore, the Jamaat is to act upon the commandments of Allah and his Messengersa. These are injunctions that are clearly mentioned in the Holy Quran. There are various important, clear and unambiguous injunctions and commandments mentioned in the Holy Quran and purdah is one of them. That is why we emphasise it. Had this injunction been inferred from some other text or had it been understood to mean something by interpreting a certain text, then there may have been some room for girls or women to think that purdah should be observed in certain situations and not in others. However, since a categorical injunction has been given, we are bound to act upon it and instil it in others as well. You should explain these things to the girls in a clear manner. This way, they will be inclined towards purdah.

“In actual fact, the main thing is that you should instil within them the idea that modesty is part of faith as is mentioned in a hadith. When modesty will be adopted, then girls will automatically be inclined to observing purdah. Then, whether they are university students [or others], they will remain within their limits of modesty and will always be mindful of their attire. They will also remain mindful of their purdah.”

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